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The best inflatable hot tub in 2022

Do you like the concept of having your own spa but don't want to commit to anything long-term?

A jacuzzi inflatable is a great option because it can be installed on virtually any flat place with access to electricity.

spa inflatable

We have determined that the Intex PureSpa is the best option for your money after a lot of research. Has seating for 6 adults, 170 jets, bubbles, and everything is built-in for easy installation. Also included is a wireless remote control.

INTEX PureSpa -) Bubbles and LED (6-seater 216 x 71...
  • Bubble quietly thanks to the 140 diffusers bubbles

We chose the Bestway Spa Bahamas as our second selection. It has four seats for adults and 120 air jets.

BESTWAY - Spa Inflatable Lay-Z-Spa Bahamas For 2-4...
  • Practical design – Spa round for 2-4 people self-inflating manufactured with Duraplus (material resistant to punctures), easy to assemble and with digital control panel

If you decide to make a purchase through one of our links, we will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). This helps us to keep the lights on.

What are the hot tubs inflatable a good investment?

Yes, indeed! Hot tubs inflatable are an excellent choice if you are a tenant or just want a jacuzzi without breaking the bank. Provide an experience similar to that of a traditional spa, but without the need of making permanent improvements to your home or property.

If you are looking for good, you'll be able to find one for less than $ 1,000. Even they are sufficiently easy to assemble that you can do it yourself if you can load with the jacuzzi, while it is deflated.

Portable Spa vs. Jacuzzi vs. Hot tub inflatable

In this article, we will refer to the hot tubs or spas bouncy as “jacuzzis bouncy” or “spas bouncy”. Although hot tubs inflatables are portable, not to be confused with the jacuzzis larger also known as a “portable spa” or “hot tubs portable”, despite the fact that they are the opposite.

When choosing the best jacuzzi inflatable, we seek to:

In the hot tubs inflatable, it will not find the same bells and whistles in a spa of first quality. However, there are some factors worth compare before you buy. These are the traits that we believe are most crucial.

Capacity: The maximum number of persons that can be accommodated

spa inflatable

Hot tubs inflatables on offer with capacity for two, four or six people. However, it is often very tight. Considers the possibility of increasing the capacity if you want more flexibility (and the funds).

The ease of use of the control panel

Para cambiar la temperatura del agua y los chorros, la mayoría de los jacuzzis hinchables utilizan un sencillo panel de control digital. Al comprar un jacuzzi, asegúrese de que el panel de control es accesible desde el interior de la bañera.

No one wants to leave their spa inflatable and go over the pump to return to turn on the heating, but some spas, inflatable require.

Water treatment system lasts incorporated

This is a function of the filtration system that is found only in some spas, inflatable. Puede ayudar a prevenir la acumulación de calcio en tu spa inflable. Esto es conveniente, pero no es un sustituto para mantener la química del agua óptima.

At what speed can heat the water with your heating system?

To what temperature must be a heated tube? The highest temperature that is considered safe is 40°C. This corresponds to a suggestion in connection with the drowning of involuntary displacement and heat shock in the water of the spa overheated. To the majority of the swimmers they like a temperature of 37°C to 39°C.

También puedes esperar que tu spa inflable inflable tarde entre 12 y 24 horas en calentar completamente el agua (a un ritmo de uno a tres grados por hora) antes de usarla por primera vez.

How long will it last if it is pumped?

La bomba hace circular el agua y tiene un soplador de aire incorporado para inflar tu spa inflable y hacer funcionar los chorros.

The pump and heater are often housed in the same container, which is sealed to prevent the electrical components to be exposed to water. The control panel is typically located in the upper part of the pump housing in the most of the hot tubs inflatable.

Can it be anywhere?

Casi todas las bañeras de hidromasaje hinchables tienen forma redonda. However, there are some variations in the square in the market. The types of square and jacuzzis-style rowing boat for two persons can have a little more space for the legs of the bathers, which may or may not be a problem.

Of course, the amount of space required is determined by the number of bathers in the spa at a given time.

Cover: energy Efficiency and security

Una spa inflable vendrá con su propia cubierta cuando la compres. Some even have two or three different types of decks. The cover can be made of leather, inflatable and isolated, a thermal blanket, or a deck combined with an interior inflated to keep the heat in and close your jacuzzi, depending on the type of spa you choose.

What is the optimal amount of jets?

Much attention is paid to this aspect, if the water jets are a must for you. A trademark of jacuzzi inflatable includes four water jets.

Debido a la diferencia de potencia, hay muchos menos que en una bañera de hidromasaje normal, pero crean una sensación distinta a la de los chorros sólo de aire.

The use of a jacuzzi inflatable has some disadvantages

Keep in mind the disadvantages of buying, installing, and maintaining a jacuzzi inflatable. You'll be relieved to know that they are not many.

During installation and operation, can be quite noisy

When you mount a jacuzzi inflatable, the loudest sound you hear is the air. The integrated air blower in the box in the heater and pump is used to inflate all the spa, along with a hose specific. Once you're underway, you'll quickly realize that turning on the bubbles is also quite noisy.

The seats are few, si es la primera vez que compras una jacuzzi hinchable, te sorprenderá saber que no hay asientos. De hecho, incluyen un suelo acolchado para que los bañistas puedan sentarse en el fondo.

The water level may be too high for a small child or small-stature adult sit comfortably. Las vigas en I refuerzan la construcción de algunos jacuzzis hinchables, lo que permite que tú y tus invitados os sentéis en los laterales de la bañera sin causar daños ni fugas.

Only some models have a one year warranty. Some spas inflatable only have a limited warranty of 30 days. With a warranty so short, it is possible to even use your spa once before the expiry of the deadline for contacting the manufacturer.

The life of the filter cartridge is limited

All you have to do to keep the filter cartridges at excellent way is to remove them every few days and rinse properly with your hose. A diferencia de los filtros de los spas normales, que pueden durar varios años, los filtros de los spas hinchables deben sustituirse cada dos semanas aproximadamente, dependiendo de la frecuencia con la que utilices tu spa inflable.

La ubicación del filtro o filtros en algunos modelos de jacuzzi hinchable también es una desventaja. Mientras que muchos modelos instalan el filtro dentro de la unidad del calentador/bomba para facilitar el acceso, algunos colocan los filtros a lo largo de la zona interior inferior del spa, lo que hace que cambiarlos sea un procedimiento considerablemente más complicado que simplemente abrir la unidad de la bomba y sustituir el filtro.

There are not enough headrest

Puede que no notes la falta de reposacabezas en tu bañera hinchable dependiendo de tu altura. Por otro lado, los reposacabezas de vinilo están disponibles si necesitas un apoyo adicional para el cuello. They are filled with a mixture of air and water, and the weight keeps them on your site in the top edge of the jacuzzi. They are easy to lift and rearrange as needed.

An insufficient number of drink holders


Incluso si tu bañera hinchable carece de portavasos incorporados, puedes añadir una zona cómoda para las bebidas o los aperitivos. Los portavasos y las bandejas que se conectan a la parte superior de tu spa inflable mantendrán tus bebidas frías al alcance de la mano.

Not all models include LED lights

spa 2

To add some color and light to your spa inflatable, you can buy LED lights is totally submersible battery operated. The lights are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some even are controlled remotely, allowing you to select the color, intensity, and mode.

BESTWAY - Spa Inflatable Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti For 2-4...
  • Practical design – Spa round for 2-4 people self-inflating manufactured with Duraplus (material resistant to punctures), easy to assemble and with digital control panel

Is it possible to use the hot tubs inflatable in winter?

Otro factor a tener en cuenta a la hora de decidir dónde colocar tu spa inflable hinchable es si piensas utilizarla en invierno y el frío que hace en el lugar donde vives.

Water temperatures below 40°F (4°C) can cause problems with your pump and the water heater, although the majority of spas inflatables are prepared to operate correctly above 40°F (4°C).

Considers the possibility to protect your spa from the elements of time if you want to use it in the winter. You can put it in the garage, to surround him with an enclosure or to add additional insulation. Before mounting the spa, you can even add a layer of insulation to the floor under the protective blanket.

Where should you install a spa inflatable?

The first step is deciding where you want to put your spa. You must make sure that the area where you plan to place your spa inflatable, either in the interior or on the exterior, is capable of supporting its weight. This means that you should not put it in your terrace with a wood; in its place, choose a place in your garden or a patio of concrete.

Some have handles for easy transport. The heavier tend to be designed for longer use and a greater number of bathers.

Cómo montar una jacuzzi hinchable

Los métodos para montar tu spa inflable inflable variarán ligeramente según el modelo que compres, si lo instalas en el interior o en el exterior y si partes de una zona nivelada. However, you must follow the same essential principles.

Make sure you're close enough to an outlet to plug in the spa, not too close as to take the risk that you sprinkle.

Make sure that there is enough room around the spa to splash and drainage. Make sure that any closed area has adequate ventilation to allow the moisture to escape without causing damage.

Limpia el espacio donde se instalará tu spa inflable. Asegúrate de que no haya objetos punzantes o basura debajo que puedan quedar alojados y causar un remojo desagradable.

Pull out all the contents of the container, locate the protective blanket of the ground and extend it in the chosen place.

Mount the heater and pump

  1. Coloque el jacuzzi inflable sobre la manta de tierra e ínflela con la manguera y la bomba suministradas.
  2. If the control panel is separated from the pump unit, connect it.
  3. Once you've installed all of the air filters, be sure that the drain is closed.
  4. Añada agua a el jacuzzi inflable.
  5. Add disinfectant and adjusts the water chemistry.
  6. After, put the heating and covering your spa. In 12 to 24 hours, your water should be at the ideal temperature.

Consejo de instalación: Si tienes prisa por utilizar tu spa inflable, puedes comprar un accesorio que conecte la manguera de llenado al suministro de agua caliente de tu casa. Remember that most of the water heaters household are configured to 49°C or more, which is 16 degrees hotter than the maximum temperature of the water to your spa.

The spa halfway with water from the hose outside and then up to a third with hot water in your home. This will reduce the time it takes the heater to heat the spa without putting yourself or the materials of the spa in danger by the overheating of the water.

Safety hot tubs inflatable

Investigate the laws and safety regulations that may apply to use of a jacuzzi inflatable in your community or city hall. 

Desinfección de una spa inflable

El mantenimiento adecuado de tu spa hinchable también implica mantener la química de tu spa inflable bajo control. Fortunately, you can use in your spa inflatable the same test strips and chemicals that you do in a spa fixed.

When it comes to disinfectants, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some manuals spas inflatable discourage the use of chlorine tablets, while others have a chlorinator floating that can be used with tablets. Other spas inflatables, on the other hand, have systems of disinfection with salt water.

It's tempting to dispense with the chemicals, especially if you're just going to use your portable spa for a few days, as on a camping vacation, but I advise against it completely. Even if you only use your spa for a few minutes, be sure to apply enough disinfectant to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Cleaning and maintenance of the jacuzzi inflatable

El mantenimiento de tu spa inflable inflable es en realidad bastante sencillo, siempre y cuando no la dejes desatendida durante un período prolongado de tiempo.

Cleaning cartridges filtration system

Given that the filtration system of a portable spa is not as powerful as that of a jacuzzi permanent, you will need to clean the water regularly, especially if you haven't used a deck for the jacuzzi.

Every two or three days, remember to remove your filters and rinse them with clean water. Even then, with regular use, only last a few weeks.

Must be replaced when harden or fade and no longer can be washed effectively with fresh water. You don't have the temptation to clean your filter with chemicals or detergents. This could generate foam in your spa and clog the filter media, which makes your pump to work harder.

Drain and refill

Tendrás que vaciar y limpiar tu spa inflable cada uno o tres meses. The more swimmers and use get, the more frequently will have to change the water.

¿Tienes dudas sobre cuándo es el momento de cambiar el agua? La química del agua que está fuera de control, la nubosidad que persiste incluso después de equilibrar los productos químicos y limpiar el filtro, y la formación de espuma son síntomas de que tu spa inflable hinchable necesita ser vaciada y rellenada.

NOTE: If you have a leak, dry the affected area. Out of the closet the patch kit that came with your spa inflatable. If you miss it, the patches of vinyl swimming pools and hot tubs are available online or in your local store supplies for swimming pools. Follow the instructions to apply the patch.


If empty and clean your spa before, it can be folded to save it, make sure it is completely dry. Save it in its original carton or other sealed container until it is completely dry.

Make sure you store it in a dry place, away from pests, and out of direct sunlight. Some portable spas include a bag or carrying case.

These are wonderful for carrying your spa inflatable from point a To point B, but they are not the best options for long-term storage.

If you think to save your spa for an extended period of time, it is recommended to store it in a sealed container to preserve the integrity of the vinyl.

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