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How to set up an inflatable pool

Leveling the ground is the first step to install a swimming pool inflatable on the floor.

In the first place, level the groundmake sure that the floor/carpet/is level, in addition, unearths the uneven areas with a shovel, alísalas with a razor and remove the stones.

ground pool

Take your time and make sure that the floor is flat and is as level as possible.

You will need a tarp under the pool, inflatable to protect the fund tears and punctures.

 Unfold the canvas

Place the canvas in the place where you want to place the pool and something in each of the four corners to make it more difficult to move.

Fix any tear or hole in the cover before installing the swimming pool on top  and repaired with tape if necessary.

pool lawn 2

Place the pool in the center of the cover and adjust the joint wastewater treatment plant (if your pool is equipped with one) so that it is oriented towards the socket.

Turn up the bottom edge of the pool so that it is completely flat. If the bottom of the pool is not completely level, will falter under the feet when the pool is full, so take the time to test it out.

Inflate the top ring

In the manual of your swimming pool will probably tell you that infles the ring with a hand pump, and this is the safest way.

Personally, for my pool I used an air compressor and I was careful not to inflate too much not to break the ring.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the pool, before filling it with water

Take off your shoes before you enter. Clean the floor until it is shiny, and remove the soap if you have used it.

I use a sponge wrapped in cloth for this cleaning work and works very well.

Connect the hose from the pump to the pool

The hoses have braces, so all you need is a screwdriver. Two hoses are connected directly to the swimming pool, and two others to the treatment plant.

Depuradora de arena Intex

The engine 10 W/0,25 HP is a cleaning system that is respectful with the environment.

The hoses are labeled so you know what hoses are connected to the sewage treatment plant and what hoses are connected to the swimming pool. Consult the manual for your pool to get to know the symbols “+” and “-“.

Do not connect it to the treatment plant until the pool is full of water. You must first let the water flow through the treatment plant.

Fill the pool with water from a hose

Remove the nozzle from the hose and let the water flow freely in the pool.

When the pool is full, add chemicals, and covers the top with a cover.

Remove the cover during the day and let it warm in the sun...and now enjoy your pool.

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