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Healthy fun for the little ones in inflatable pools

Each summer, parents of young children are excited when they can introduce to their children in a children's swimming pool inflatable. 

With shallow water and inflatables, a children's swimming pool is a place of fun, discovery and social interaction even for swimmers younger. 

Dedicate time to accustom your child to the water in a paddling pool can be the first step on the path to become a swimmer for life, that is a good thing!

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The bathroom with diapers

The diapers are a special challenge for the water quality of the inflatable pools. Young children are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases acute ... And are more likely to contaminate the water because they have incontinence or lack of proper knowledge on the toilet and hygiene.

Unfortunately, none of the diapers is a leak-proof, and these occur anyway. Up to 10 grams of stool can be thrown in the water from the surface perianal of a child. 

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In addition, the bath of the little kids usually involve tasting or, in this case, the consumption of water of the swimming pool inflatable, a possible combination of risk factors.

Best quality of the water in the pools

Given the challenges associated with the water quality of the inflatable pools, this is an important finding that can help you find solutions. 

This is our best advice to parents and caregivers of young children in the pools:

Don't let your child enter the pool if you have not checked the quality of the water. Some pools have published the results of its inspections in line. 

You can also become your own inspector pools and get an instant result. Use a meter pools to ensure that the levels of pH and free chlorine in the water are within the acceptable limits. 

Keep sick children and persons with diarrheal diseases out of the pool.

Change diapers swim often in the bathroom and go to the bathroom often with a child who is learning to go to the bathroom.

Teach your children not to drink the water of the pool, play in the water in the paddling pool inflatable is a fun activity for the little ones. 


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In addition

It is advised that the parents and caregivers who take advantage of children's pools, inflatable whilst actively managing the risks.

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