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Inflatable pool 3 rings Intex

Swimming pool inflatable Intex has three rings that inflate one after the other independently, so you can relax without worrying about anything at any time.

Swimming pool inflatable 3 rings

Swimming pool inflatable for children

Help your child beat the heat this summer and let spend a relaxed time in the children's pool round outdoor for children of Intex. With the measures 147 x 33 cm, this outdoor pool portable has been designed for durability and comfort.

It is designed with three rings and a cushioned surface to prevent damage on drops. The pattern of colors is pink, yellow, and green, with its blue background, which definitely makes this pool is worth.

The walls of the pool have a total height of 147 cm and the pool has a total capacity of 275 litres of water.

You may not have a big pool or just want to have your children take the sun safely. In that case, this is the swimming pool that is perfect for you and your family. Keep your kids cool this summer with this swimming pool inflatable tricolor of Intex.

Swimming pool inflatable 3 rings


The pool tricolor inflatable for children measures 147 x 33 inches when properly inflated. It is designed with three rings of pink, yellow, green, and the bottom of the pool is blue.

The capacity of the wall is 133 inches and has a capacity of 275 litres of water.
Recommended for children from 2 years, always under l supervision of an adult.

A great way to beat the heat and enjoy the sun during the spring and summer months.

In terms of safety, this pool inflatable is made of vinyl, so the durability is guaranteed.

This pool inflatable has a very nice design, with a few rings of red, yellow, green, against a background of blue inflatable.

The swimming pool is lined with vinyl for protection of the youngest ones.

This pool inflatable it will not occupy much space in your garden, it is neither too large, nor too small.

To consider

Take note of the rules and restrictions of the community of neighbors before buying the product, if it is their particular case. Not all owners allow the pools on terraces.

Make sure that the space is large enough for the installation of the pool, have a flat surface, solid and compact, and is far enough away from balconies.

Children in this type of pools should always be under the supervision of an adult to avoid fatal accidents.



131 litres


2 children


114 cm


114 cm


25 cm




  • Price and quality
  • With kit tire repair
  • Ideal for children due to their low depth
  • Once in a while, you'll need to fill air tubes
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