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Intex dinosaur play center

If your child likes dinosaurs, this play center Intex will love.

It is recommended for children from 2 years and weighing less than 54 kg, and its use is recommended in the exterior, as in a garden or on a patio.

Intex dinosaur play center


The pool has a capacity of 150 litres of water, 11 air chambers separated for safety and is made of durable PVC material. The slide is cushioned.

This round swimming pool is divided into two parts, with a head T-REX in the centre, and a water dispenser is open, its sharp barbed keep his long tongue slipping while immersed in the pool.


280 litres


4 children


333 cm


229 cm


112 cm



Rocks and vegetation are sprinklers that you wet while you slip down the slide, but the adventure doesn't end there, this pool wild is home to creatures as a pterodactyl inflatable't seen sitting on the rocks.

The swimming pool features a nozzle to attach to the garden hose, a plug to drain the water and a kit to repair punctures in the case that the pool is pinche.

  • Resistant
  • Water outputs
  • Account kit tire repair
  • It is not all over the floor collar
  • Small
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