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Review Bestway Lay Z Spa Honolulu

El Lay Z Spa  Honolulu entra en el amplio campo de las bañeras de hidromasaje de 4-6 plazas, pero ¿por qué debería comprar este spa? ¿Qué lo distingue de los productos de la competencia? ¿Y el estilo de ratán? ¿Es algo que le gustaría a todo el mundo?

It can be difficult to select an spa mid-range, but one thing that we have discovered in our 10 years of reviews of spas is that the quality is not always represented in the price.

What at first seems like a great deal may end up costing more.

Without understanding what the users of spas want to, you can't become a leader in the industry. Famous for their hot tubs inflatable high-end, Lay Z Spa. The revised model Honolulu, in our opinion, it is a great opportunity.

Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu

Esta spa inflable combina perfectamente la forma y la función debido a su generosa capacidad de 916L, que puede acomodar hasta 6 personas a la vez, y su acogedor diseño de viga en i para el apoyo adicional de la espalda. lo que resulta en la creación de una spa inflable que, en nuestra opinión, es digna de presentar lo mejor que Lay Z Spa tiene para ofrecer.

Key features favorecimos

Architecture I-Beam

The extraordinary structure I-beams of Honolulu was the first item that really caught my attention.

Este diseño estructural da a el jacuzzi inflable una pared exterior robusta y ofrece un gran apoyo de amortiguación a la espalda cuando se descansa en el agua. Está cubierta por un precioso exterior con estampado de ratán.

We found that the coating material Duraplus of the exterior walls resists very well to bumps and scratches and even protects against damage caused by UV rays to preserve the modern print of rattan for as long as possible.

Massage system Airjet 140

A large part of the product line Lay Z Spa has been modified in the last year to accommodate the new technology of the mark in some of their most popular models. 

This has benefited greatly from the Honolulu, endowing it with a new unit frost protection, and a beneficial improvement in their system of massage.

BESTWAY - Spa Inflatable Lay-Z-Spa, Honolulu To...
  • Practical design – Spa round for 4-6 people self-inflating manufactured with Duraplus (material resistant to punctures), easy to assemble and with digital control panel

The enhanced layout of the floor to really take advantage of the jets, bubbles, and that the dual functioning of the pump allows the heater to operate at the same time with a flow rate adjustable that is easily changed using a control panel and soft touch. The heater features now with 140 air jets dynamic.

Fast heating

Heating times unreasonably long tend to disappoint even the best models of inflatables.

Fortunately, it appears that Lay Z Spa has realized this and has made an effort to fix the problem with your technology, fast heating up.

Una vez más, debido a la doble operación de la bomba y las propiedades de retención de calor superior del revestimiento de material patentado Duraplus de Lay Z Spa, hemos sido capaces de calentar esta bañera de hidromasaje a 40 grados Celsius en aproximadamente 10 horas fuera de la caja, con más duraciones de calentamiento de sólo 1-2 horas.

¿Es una bañera de hidromasaje con control WiFi?

Unfortunately, the Honolulu does not come with any control Wifi series, which is unfortunate because it seems to be the only premium feature that you lack, of all that you have.

All versions of Airjet of this company are compatible with an additional pump with Wifi, but taking into account that it will cost you more than 450 euros, not culparíamos by choosing not to use it...And I say, is it Really important?

This model has lighting, right?

For those who are a little insecure, the Honolulu has a vivid LED lighting system with a choice of 7 colours and a mode of color change automatic.

How many people can you accommodate?

The Honolulu has a diameter of soil 196 cm, a water capacity of 916 L, and is the ideal size for a family or group of up to 5 adults or friends. The weight is very high when it was full, which makes it impossible to move without let you have all the essentials for a wonderful party.

It is absolutely preferable to operate this thing slightly below their capacity.

What security features do you have?

All necessary components are located behind the hood, including a system for the detection of earth faults and a unit RCD that will cut off immediately the power if water is entering the water in the circuits.

El Honolulu también incluye una tapa inflable y una cubierta de clip apretado, que son grandes accesorios para retener el calor de el jacuzzi inflable y evitar que los objetos externos entren en el agua cuando no está en uso.

Comprehensive review

How cosy is the spa inflatable Honolulu?

The lining Duraplus and the design i-beam of this jacuzzi inflatable are huge advantages. The interior walls are sufficiently padded and rigid to withstand well the lower part of the back at the same time that are kind to the skin.

In addition to the 140 air jets in the base, the soil of Honolulu is padded with a thick textile lining, creating a comfortable resting area in which our team was more than happy to kick back for hours.

Periods of warming

At 10 hours after you have mounted the spa, we were able to heat the Honolulu up to its maximum temperature of water of 40 degrees.

Esta bañera de hidromasaje es capaz de mantener la temperatura del agua muy bien, haciendo que los periodos de calentamiento diarios sean de únicamente 1-2 horas con la ayuda de la tecnología de calentamiento rápido. Aquí es donde las cualidades aislantes del revestimiento Duraplus son realmente útiles.


The level of operating noise of Honolulu is in the middle.

Spas with 140 jets operating at full capacity tend to be audible, but we must admit that the new pump digital Lay Z Spa does an amazing job to muffle the sound.

BESTWAY - Spa Inflatable Lay-Z-Spa, Honolulu To...
  • Practical design – Spa round for 4-6 people self-inflating manufactured with Duraplus (material resistant to punctures), easy to assemble and with digital control panel

We do not believe that your neighbors oppose if you use the Honolulu in low power mode, but we ask that you avoid operating the jets until the wee hours of the night.

Winter season

The Honolulu has a built in frost protection and an outer well-insulated, so you can definitely withstand the colder months. We found that the Freeze Shield will detect any decrease in the temperature of the water and prevent it from freezing while the pump is turned on during the night.

This provides an additional advantage. When you decide to take a dip, the Honolulu will take less energy to heat up to its maximum temperature, it thus saving a few pounds on heating costs in the winter!

Prices and promotions

The Lay Z Spa Honolulu, with capacity for 6 people and a lot of equipment, high-end, has, in our opinion, an extremely affordable price.

It can be a challenge to find a model of this size that is less expensive and that has a dazzling LED lighting in addition to the 140 jets of bubbles in your design.

Due to supply and demand, it is common to discover some superb discounts on the hot tubs inflatable during the colder months of the year.

Opinions of the Lay Z Spa in Honolulu

Families praise the comfortable and opulent that it is this model in their assessments of the Lay Z Spa Honolulu.

We believe that you are getting a lot for your money if you choose the Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu if you are looking for a jacuzzi inflatable large enough for the entire family and loaded with premium features.

The architecture of I-beams offers an amazing amount of durability. The functions of energy saving and the rapid warming that make this jacuzzi is as functional as it is efficient we're excited about especially.

If you're thinking of buying a jacuzzi inflatable to spend time together, the LED lights provide that extra touch that will definitely impress your kids. We sincerely hope that this review of the Lazy Spa Honolulu has been helpful, and, in general, we believe that the Honolulu it is unquestionably a great buy!

BESTWAY - Spa Inflatable Lay-Z-Spa, Honolulu To...
  • Practical design – Spa round for 4-6 people self-inflating manufactured with Duraplus (material resistant to punctures), easy to assemble and with digital control panel

Configuration Lazy Spa Honolulu

The comfortable setting without tools of Honolulu allows for rapid inflation and simple with only the pump included and the hose inflated in just a few minutes.

Dependiendo del suministro de agua de tu casa, tomará de 1 a 2 horas para llenar esta bañera de hidromasaje con agua. A continuación, tardará otras 6-12 horas en calentar el agua hasta una temperatura máxima de 40 grados centígrados.


I think you'll be impressed by what the Lay Z Spa Honolulu has to offer if you are looking for a spa inflatable, strong and reliable with plenty of space for the whole family.

Although this spa has an exterior of fashion, it is equipped with a durable coating Duraplus and a cozy structure I-beams that can withstand heavy use and provide the necessary support when relaxing in the bubbles.

For a spa of this size, 140 air jets are more than enough, and the bright LED lights are the icing on the cake. We believe that the Honolulu is a spa bouncy quality that offers a quality-price ratio is exceptional.

If you need a wider range of choice, visit the page of Bestway Lay Z Spa, where you can choose the jacuzzi ideal based on a large amount of detailed views.

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