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Bestway Volcano Lava Volcano Water Play Center

The games center aquatic Bestway volcano lava is designed for young people of the house to have fun and play outdoors.
This play center water is a product of proven quality-designed to entertain children.

Bestway Volcano Lava Volcano Water Play Center

Gaming center Bestway Volcano Lava

The gaming center of the lava lake is designed to keep kids active and going out of the house. It is a product of proven quality and focused on the fun.

It has a sprinkler of water that you can connect to your garden hose to keep your kids cool as they play. The play center includes 4 game balls to climb up and down the ramp, balls, inflatables, and 1 ring inflatable for the game launch of rings.

Also includes a slide removable with ropes and buckle fastening built-in.

The mattresses, inflatables in the floor of the pool provide greater comfort for the little ones; with the palm trees, inflatables, children will feel like in another world.

The sprinklers can be connected to garden hose to keep kids cool in the hot days of summer. When you have finished using the center of games, empty pool with flush valve easy to use. There is a lot of space for the kids and their friends.

Account with a sprinkler that can connect to the garden hose so that the children can play comfortably.

This center game includes 4 balls rolling down the ramp, as well as a basket of basketball inflatable to throw and dunk, also includes a slide removable with rope and washers included.


208 litros


4 bebés o niños pequeños


265 cm


265 cm


104 cm



The bottom of the pool is covered with an inflatable mattress for the comfort of your child.

When they tire of playing, the drain valve will facilitate the emptying of the pool.

  • Design
  • Slide independent
  • Accessories for play
  • Ground collar
  • For babies with adult supervision
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