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How to clean an inflatable pool without a purifier

The inflatable swimming small, which tend to be between a meter and a meter and a half in diameter and do not have a wastewater treatment plant, require simple maintenance to maintain the pool and the pool water safe and clean.

There are some basic tips to the pool and the equipment that you have on hand to make sure that the water is ready for a swim or play in it.

swimming pool 3

If you want to keep the water of your pool for a few days for it to be warm enough to bathe in, there are some tips that you can use to keep the water clean during the night.

Use a network recogehojas

One of the key components of the team of your swimming pool is a network to remove the yard waste such as leaves, insects, and soil.

Pool Floor Leaf Netting

Inflatable swimming small

The children's pools inflatables are small enough to be emptied and cleaned after each use.

Empty the water, and then clean the empty pool with a solution of bleach and water (read the label to know the proportions of cleaning), wearing rubber gloves, or use a detergent for dishes to remove the dirt.

Reagent analysis kit for use in swimming pool

Rinse off thoroughly to remove the bleach or detergent. After cleaning, dry the inside of the bottom and sides with an old towel to avoid the possibility of build up of algae, mildew or fungus, then leaves the pool in the sun for four hours to disinfect even more.

Disinfection of swimming pools inflatable large

If you want to keep your pool full for a few days or if your swimming pool inflatable is so big, empty and replace the water daily, it is impractical, use chlorine tablets to keep the water safe.

For the inflatable swimming larger without sewage treatment plants, you can use chlorine tablets in a dosing of chlorine and this will keep the water stable, continually releasing very small amounts of the chemical safely in the pool.

Chlorine 5 Actions

While your kids play in the pool, remove the dispenser. In place of chlorine, you can also use a weak solution of household bleach and water to keep the water healthy. Remember to do a test to check the chlorine and pH of the pool.


If you leave the water in the pool for a few days, cover it when not in use to keep the mosquitoes away and prevent them from getting debris such as leaves or insects.

If the pool does not have its own cover, cover it with a plastic tarp. Place the ends of the canvas under the pool or secure it with bricks around the edges to keep it in place on windy days.

Carefully removing the cover and slide it so that no part of the cover or of the canvas falls into the water of the pool.

Before bath time

Bathing babies and young children before allowing them to use the pool to avoid entering the water, potentially harmful bacteria.

Make sure that children wear the diaper newly changed when they enter the pool.

gaming center acuatico

It is best to keep children away from the pool when they are sick or when they have a bad evacuation to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

To heat the water of a swimming pool inflatable, pour a bucket or two of hot water to the sink of the kitchen and will be ready to enjoy it.

Inflatable aquatic playground Intex Dinoland

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