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Tips for covering a pool or spa in winter

The cover in the winter is an essential part of the winter maintenance of the swimming pool and must be installed in all the pools. 

It is suitable for all weather conditions, and protects the pool during the long off-season, when nobody bathes.

The indoor winter keep the dirt and debris from entering the pool and help to keep the water and chemicals. Also block the sunlight and UV rays, which helps prevent the growth of algae when the pool is not in use.

cover pool



Types of decks winter to swimming pools

As mentioned above, the covers of the winter to swimming pools are suitable for almost all types and sizes of swimming pools. 

In the first place, there are two types of covers: covers for swimming pools, interior and decks for outdoor pools. 

Swimming pool inflatable with depuradora intex

Also it is easy to buy pool decks of different shapes, like round, oval or rectangular. Whatever the type or shape of your pool, you will find the suitable for the size of your pool.

Some decks winter to swimming pools are thicker than others and are designed to protect the pool from falling debris and bugs curious. 

Other covers are designed to be lightweight and easy to install and remove. The thicker liners have a manufacturer's warranty longer, but tend to be more expensive that covers more light.

Covers winter pool high

cover elevated pool


What is the size of a swimming pool cover winter needs?

Before you buy a swimming pool cover winter, it is advisable to buy the right size. For a pool rectangular or oval in shape, measure the length and width of the swimming pool and for a round pool, measure the diameter of the center of the pool.

Depuradora de arena Intex

Additional tip: do you Have a pool of medium size and have problems to find the suitable cover in the Internet? There are several options to choose from. 

In the case of swimming pools with unique forms, it is best to consider the purchase of a security cover. They are slightly more expensive, but lasts much longer than the covers of the winter and can be adapted to your pool. 

Tips to install a cover of winter

To install a swimming pool cover is a much easier task if you have two people.

After pulling the cover over the pool, secure each end, place the cover loosely over the entire pool, so that it is flat against the wall or the surface of the pool.

Swimming pool inflatable square with seats

Use water bags or block work winter placed a small distance at the edge of the cover. If you live in an area with wind, you can align the bags of water from end to end.

Be careful not to completely fill the water bags. Fill the bag of water up to the half or 3/4 of its capacity to prevent rolling or open when it freezes, in the case of extreme temperatures.

Once placed the cover in winter, it is recommended to install a network on the cover of the winter. A network of leaves will catch any debris large and will facilitate the opening of the cover.

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