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Inflatable or traditional Jacuzzi, which one to choose?

Jacuzzi Inflatable or jacuzzi traditional, we will attempt to resolve your doubts in this post.

Jacuzzi inflatable

spa inflatable


  • Low initial investment

The biggest advantage of a jacuzzi inflatable is the low initial investment, they are worth little more than a releasable pool.

  • Ease of transport

Hot tubs inflatable bouncers are easy to move and transport, as they can be deflated easily.

  • Storage

You can save once deflated, and takes up hardly any site, and is ideal for smaller spaces.

spa inflatable intex 6 people


  • Not all models have seats

Not all models of sapa inflatables seating offered, seeming to some, a pool for kids, but can be purchased as an option and are not expensive.

  • In place of the jets of water, used jets of air

Almost all models of hot tubs inflatables have air jets, although there is some other model that brings water and air.

  • Less warm-up time

As the hot tubs inflatables have less insulation, take longer to heat up and they do not retain heat during their use. This means that you will have to schedule your spa inflatable before and that you will use more electricity to heat it.

The more indicated for

  • If this is the first time you use a jacuzzi
  • People who are looking for a jacuzzi temporary
  • People with a limited budget

Bestway Paris Inflatable Spa

Jacuzzi traditional


  • Comfort

The main advantage of the hot tubs traditional is that are fitted with seating and sun loungers for comfort.

  • Jets of water massage

The massage jets of water provide an excellent hot tub, promote relaxation and improve the quality of the spa experience.

  • Energy efficiency

Hot tubs traditional tend to have a cost of somewhat lower performance thanks to better insulation of high quality while retaining the heat better.


  • High initial investment

The initial investment can be quite high.

  • Reduction of portability

Hot tubs traditional are portable, but not as his “cousins” models inflatables.

  • Storage

Where you place it, there it will stay. You do not have the versatility of a spa inflatable, which you can remove when you please.

The more indicated for

  • Longer service life
  • Energy efficiency
  • Comfort seats


spa inflatable Intex Greywood Deluxe


The best jacuzzi depends on your needs. If you are looking for a jacuzzi energy efficient, there is nothing better than a jacuzzi traditional. If you are looking for an experience in a hot tub without spending a lot of money, the best choice is the jacuzzi inflatable.

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