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Prevent freezing of the Inflatable Jacuzzi

The winter is here, and you may worry about how to keep your jacuzzi inflatable freeze.

But if you ignore it, the problem gets bigger. If a spa inflatable freezes, the ice can cause serious damage and you will pass the spring repairing or replacing the computer. Avoid this by simply preventing it from freezing.

jacuzzi winter

Shutdown or not shutdown

Few things work better than sit in a warm jacuzzi, while the snow falls around you

You can choose to keep your pool open during the cold winter months just for the experience.

Only you have to understand that if it is cold outside, the jacuzzi inflatable will take longer to warm up, and your electricity bills will increase.

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If you do not intend to use your spa inflatable in winter, you must make sure to empty properly before it cools down too much. The majority of failures of the hot tubs during the colder months due to the water freezes, which can occur if not conditioned properly for the winter. This damage can cost you more than if you just used it in the winter.

Use the spa inflatable in winter

If you decide to use your spa inflatable in winter, there are several things that you should do to prepare for the cold.

Change the water

Empty and clean your jacuzzi inflatable before it cools down too much, and try to fill it up. Try to change the water when it is very cold on the outside can be complicated and, as you can probably imagine, nothing fun.

Invest in a good cover

indoor spa winter

The greater part of the temperature loss occurs on the surface of the water. Before winter hits, check well the cover of your spa inflatable to make sure it is in good condition. If not, repair it or replace it. If not, your energy costs can be much higher than expected.

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The use of a cover additional insulation under your existing deck will help keep your jacuzzi inflatable cooler during the winter months, avoiding the freezing and reducing energy costs.

Check the water level

In the winter, especially if you have not used your spa inflatable for several weeks, you should check the level of the water. If it is too low, the pump or the heater may stop working, it can form ice or spa inflatable can be damaged.

Turn off the hot tub during the winter months

If you decide that you are not going to use a lot of your spa inflatable during the winter months, you can save a lot of money if you are not heated or circulated water.

You cannot, however, put the lid on and forget about it. You should take the time necessary to empty and dry it properly for your spa inflatable before it cools down too much. If you do not, you will have to make costly repairs in the spring.

spa winter

Purge and drain jacuzzi inflatable

In the first place, purge the jacuzzi inflatable and clean the pipes. Then, drain all the water. During the winter months, it is not possible to fill the jacuzzi with water that has not circulated and has warmed up. The water can freeze, damaging the jacuzzi inflatable and pipes.

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Drainage of the blower

If your spa inflatable is equipped with a system of this type, you should take the time necessary to empty the water from the fan to the spa. Switch the heating off and put the fan on for 30 seconds to get out all the water in the system and to dry.

How to remove the filter

Stop using the jacuzzi inflatable during the winter is a good time to remove and clean the filter. Clean them, dry them and store them in a safe and dry place for the winter.

If they are worn out, just pull them and replace them when you turn on your spa inflatable in the spring.

Loosen the fittings

Even after you have emptied the spa inflatable, you can get water in many plumbing fixtures. Loosen this fitting so that the water comes out completely.

If you use a gas water heater, follow the manufacturer's instructions to turn it off and drain the water from the valves and fittings to be sure they are dry.

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Drainage of the jet

You must make sure that there is no water in the discharge system. Use a vacuum cleaner for liquids to pump air through each jet to make sure that you have removed all the water from the system.

Final cleaning

Drain the remaining water from the jacuzzi, and clean it thoroughly before re-attaching the cover and store it for the winter. This will facilitate the opening of the spa in the spring.

Don't turn your back to your spa inflatable

As autumn approaches, you begin to think about what you want to do with the jacuzzi inflatable in winter. If you decide to keep it in operation for use in the cold nights, you must make sure that you can withstand the cold. If you want to turn your bathroom during the winter, here are some measures you can take to prevent your bathroom from freezing.

These tips can help you maintain your spa inflatable in good condition and avoid damage that could require costly repairs in the spring.

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