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Placing a removable swimming pool on the lawn

Even if you enjoyed playing in a pool inflatable when you were a child, one of the problems faced by your parents is how not to ruin the lawn with the pool.

pool lawn 1

If you have a swimming pool, inflatable and you want your children to enjoy the water, but you also want to protect your lawn, you have some options. Childhood memories will last forever, but the patches of dead grass in your garden can be a thing of the past.

Dead grass under a pool

The inflatable swimming may seem lighter than the knockdown, but it is not the weight of the pool so that it kills the grass.

The pools are blocking the air, the sunlight, and water the lawn needs to sobrevivir. If you put a pool inflatable in one place, the light of the sun, the air, and the water can't reach the grass underneath the pool.

Options location of the pool.

If you empty the pool after each use and hang to dry, this will help the longevity of your lawnhowever, if this proves difficult, try changing it to a different place at least every 12 or 24 hours.

If you have programmed the lawn care on the part of a landscaper, make sure that the pool airy has disappeared to when they come to cut the grass.

You have to make sure that it is all about the garden; if the pool is in the grass, the gardener will not treat the area that is under the pool.

If you don't want to move much of the pool, another option is to place the pool bouncing on a resistant surface, such as a porch or entry.

Place the pool on a hard surface will prevent the grass is wilting, and shall not be poured out on him when you need to drain the dirty water.

pool lawn 2

If you are concerned about your children playing in a pool of hard surface, place something under the swimming pool inflatable, as a sort of mat or awning.

The bottom of the pool will remain fresh thanks to the mats, and will not be as hard because of the barrier that is created.

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