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Arebos Florence inflatable spa

The jacuzzi inflatable Arebos called Florence fits perfectly, because it measures 154 x 154 cm and is not too small but also not too big.

Another smart feature of the manufacturer is the role of inflation automatic, just as it sounds, without tools, without a pump or anything, all you need is a power outlet and you are done.

Spa Arebos Florence

Jacuzzi inflatable Arebos Florence

Up to 4 people can enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of the jacuzzi, self-inflating Arebos Florence. Can be purchased separately various accessories for the spa inflatable, as replacement filters, cup holders or pillows for the neck.

You do not need any help to mount the jacuzzi inflatable. It can be easily installed by a single person, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to inflate the jacuzzi and then just fill it out and warm it up.

Whether you use it in the interior as on the exterior, you can invite friends and family to relax. The jacuzzi inflatable is designed for 4 people and is equipped with a digital control panel with which you can perform all the settings of the role of massage, the filtering system and heating.

Includes an insulating jacket and cushions to protect the environment. It also has an alarm function filter built-in: automatically indicates when to clean or change the a practical filter. The built-in filter cleans the spa of continuous and effective during its operation.

The effect created by the 130 air jets has a relaxing and soothing effect. Helps to regenerate the body. The controlled temperature of the water ensures relaxation at any time.

spa arebos


130 jets bubble massage do a good work and encourage the set.

Speaking in a bubbly bath of this type is very relaxing because of the bubbles in background does not bother you, but rather act as background music.

To prevent the leaves or branches falling in the pool, the manufacturer includes a cover with the delivery.

The spa inflatable Arebos Florence comes with a filter (80 sheets) that can filter up to 4000 cm square.

This is not a filter on the cheap, but one of the filtration systems for hot tubs most effective on the market today, at least that's what says the manufacturer.

The water temperature can be adjusted up to a maximum of 42 °C, and even has a self timer function, as well as a function of auto power off and standby.

Only weighs 24 kg in vacuum, so it is best to have at least two people to install it. It does not weigh much, but that can be a problem.

In addition, there is that choosing the right location, since 550 liters of water discharges pose half-ton of weight.

The temperature increases at a rate of 1.5 °C per hour, so the water takes a few hours to reach its optimum temperature. The integrated pump is 35 watts, and the total power required to power all is 1800 watts.

Disclaimer: This spa inflatable should not be used at temperatures above 40 degrees.


550 liters


4 people


110 cm


154 cm


65 cm


130, air




  • Price
  • Design
  • Cover included
  • Function of inflation automatically.
  • It takes a while to warm up
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