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Inflatable Spa Chemicals Instructions

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Please see the following links for information on the use of chemicals in your spa inflatable: How to use the chemicals in your spa inflatable

1. For the chemicals to work properly, it is important that the pH LEVEL is set correctly. (The pills or grains of chlorine or bromine are examples of this).

When you use a jacuzzi, the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

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If you have a jacuzzi, the chlorine concentration should be between 3 and 5 parts per million. (Recommended bromine levels 4 to 6 parts per million (ppm) in a hot tub)

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The pH level should be checked weekly with test strips, according to the manufacturer.

A plastic spoon or table product pH Plus is sufficient to increase the pH in 0.1 when it is used to increase the pH by one unit.

After you have adjusted the pH level for the first time, there is a need to check it at least 24 hours after the initial adjustment.

This is because the pH of the product should be altered in order to acquire a mixing time right with the water. You must turn on the filtration system of your spa inflatable. Always read the product label for detailed instructions before use.

Set of 100 test strips for swimming pool and spa, 6...
  • Test strips swimming pool 6-in-1: test pH, total, free chlorine, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, total hardness at the same time, keeps your water healthy and clean.

2: Once you are done with the pH adjustment necessary, add the appropriate amount of chlorine tablets in the dispenser floating and active filtering system to make sure the chemicals are mixed completely in the water.

Se recomiendan las siguientes pastillas de cloro (pastillas de bromo): 2 pastillas para 800L de agua (4 personas), 3 pastillas para 1000L de agua (6 personas) que deben colocarse en el dispensador flotante una vez a la semana (preferiblemente por la noche), y luego recuerde retirar el dispensador flotante mientras se baña, y luego devolver el dispensador flotante a el jacuzzi inflable después del baño.

Not recommended at all to mix chlorine and bromine, or any other chemical products. Should be empty first thing your spa inflatable before proceeding to step 1 if you want to change the chemicals in your spa inflatable. To change the pH of the water

The chlorine granules

Water chlorination with chlorine granules is the most effective method to quickly change the content of chlorine in the water. It is estimated that two tablespoons of chlorine granules are equivalent to one tablet of 20 g when used in conjunction with 1000 litres of water.

Dependiendo del tamaño de el jacuzzi inflable, esta cantidad se puede poner al agua una vez a la semana para ejecutar un choque de cloro en el agua para desinfectar el agua.

Dispenser Chlorine Floating, Blue and White...
  • 🌊 【FLOTATION EASY】: The dispenser of chlorine floats around the tablets of chemical diffusion without effort! the appropriate amount of chlorine to free up the time, evenly distributed. Never worry about chlorine levels in your pool or spa. The humanized design allows you to be sure

You will find a full package of chemicals of chlorine when you click on this text, which includes 1 kg of chlorine tablets, 20 grams, a dispenser floating to dispense chlorine test strips water and PH+ and Ph-.

How do you get the water clean in the spa?

The contaminants in the water can be removed through filtration systems, which are used for several applications (filter cartridges)

It is an excellent practice to place a plastic tray for the feet in front of your spa inflatable in the garden if it is located in the rear yard. You should also use it to wash your feet every time you go to the spa.

Frequently asked questions

When should you clean the filter and how often?

Do you have a filter to a spa inflatable?

Be sure to clean the filter of your spa inflatable bouncy at least once a week (or every two days if you use it more regularly) with a cleaner cartridges or with water of a standard garden hose.

Remove the filter and clean it under running water as soon as possible. During a month, you can use the same filter, but when the filter starts to be especially dirty, you'll have to replace it.

See the owner's manual of the spa inflatable to know the interval recommended by the manufacturer to change the cartridges and filters.

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Do you have a filter to a spa permanent?

Es necesario cambiar el filtro con más frecuencia en las bañeras de hidromasaje permanentes.

Once a month, clean the filter with a cleaner cartridges or rinse well with water, and changing the filter at the end of the season, once every 12 months.

See the owner's manual of the whirlpool to get to know the interval recommended by the manufacturer to change the cartridges and filters.

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