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How to sanitize an inflatable spa

El uso de un spa hinchable es divertido, pero la higiene debe ser siempre una prioridad cuando se utiliza este tipo de bañera para evitar la propagación de bacterias patógenas o enfermedades de las aguas recreativas.

Despite the small size of the spa, inflatable, you must carefully monitor the cleanliness. To guarantee proper hygiene, it is time to empty the water and clean the spa inflatable after each use.

chlorine to spa inflatable

The cleaning must be accompanied by a disinfection to eliminate the micro-organisms that cause the diseases.

Equipment for disinfection of the spa inflatable

To clean your spa inflatable you need, among other things, a bucket of about 20 litres of water approximately, a disinfectant, liquid chlorine, a garden hose and a soft cloth or a soft brush.

The first step of the cleaning is to empty the water from the spa or hot tub inflatable. This is important, given that the spa water is left for a long time can cause a serious contamination of microorganisms.

Empty the water from the spa may seem like a waste, and fill the spa inflatable after each use can seem like a hassle, but if you bit the spa and its use is highly spacing in time, it is worth every step to reduce the spread of germs that cause disease.

After emptying the spa inflatable, fill a bucket with water and add ¼ cup of disinfectant liquid chlorine to the water (you Can buy this disinfectant fluid by clicking on the links you will see below). This disinfectant can also be used in the swimming pool, inflatable home to maintain hygiene.

spa inflatable Intex Greywood Deluxe

Use a clean cloth moistened in a solution of water and disinfectant to clean the interior of the spa inflatable. You can also use a soft brush to scrub.

The bottom of the spa inflatable and its seams

Preste atención al fondo de la bañera y a las zonas con costuras, donde pueden esconderse las bacterias. Después de limpiar a fondo la bañera, aclárela completamente bajo el agua corriente de la manguera para que no queden restos de desinfectante.

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After a rinse thoroughly, the spa, inflatable can be left to dry completely in the sun for about four hours. After four hours, check that the spa inflatable is dry before re-save it.

Debe limpiarse regularmente con un desinfectante. Garantizar la higiene es una prioridad para su jacuzzi inflable, por ejemplo, si tiene un niño con episodios de diarrea o vómitos, es mejor mantenerlo alejado de la bañera para evitar la propagación de los gérmenes que causan las bacterias a otros usuarios de la piscina o la bañera.

Therefore, it is not sufficient to change the spa water inflatable, clean and disinfect always to make sure that you and your family are protected from the disease.

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