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Safety tips for inflatable hot tubs

After a hard day, a jacuzzi inflatable can be a wonderful way to relax, but it is crucial to know how to use it safely. You must respect the rules and regulations, as well as be aware of the dangers.

The good news is that the hot tubs inflatable current have excellent filtration systems and controls accurate temperature, which makes them safe by design.

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In this blog post we will cover everything you need to know about the safety standards of the spas, from hazards to health and the consumption of alcohol, even if a pregnant woman must use a spa, and why the levels of chlorine and chemicals must be balanced.

The importance of the analysis of the water

Owning a jacuzzi hot tub requires a regular scan of the water because the hot water is a haven for microorganisms. To avoid rashes or dangerous infections such as E. coli or legionella, the test strips are essential.

The PH balance of your jacuzzi tub must be in the proper range, as an excess of acidity can cause irritation to the skin, while an excess of alkalinity can lead to problems such as peeling.

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Check the chlorine levels in the water of the jacuzzi tub is also essential, since an excess or a lack of chlorine can be harmful to the skin and encouraging the proliferation of bacteria.

The owners of hot tubs hot tub can relax in them without anxiety if they test the water frequently and keep the balancing of pH appropriate.

In addition, keep in mind that the chemicals in hot tubs can be quite harmful and should be handled with care and stored properly away from children and pets to avoid accidents.

Is it safe to use a jacuzzi without chemicals?

Although it is technically possible, it is recommended to use a jacuzzi without chemicals. This is because the water is contaminated more quickly in the spas of inflatables that in the hot tubs permanent.

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The micro-organisms present in the water of the jacuzzi without chemicals could lead to conditions such as dermatitis, jacuzzi and other health problems. The components of your jacuzzi tub may have problems due to the shortage of chemical products, which will reduce the effectiveness of its operation.

Chemicals for hot tubs are harmless and keep the water suck, discoloring and it is unsafe for the users of the jacuzzi when used in the right amount. However, if you feel uncomfortable in the jacuzzi due to a reaction to the chlorine, you can use a solution of bromine softer.

In other words, it's not worth the risk to your safety, your health or your jacuzzi tub if you use a jacuzzi tub without chemicals.

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How long after adding the chemicals you can enjoy a bath?

Wait at least 30 minutes after adding chemicals to your spa inflatable before using it to ensure that chemicals are evenly distributed and to reduce the possibility of skin irritation.

Then, you must check the water to see if the hot tub is safe for use. Your spa inflatable should not be more than 3-5 parts per million of chlorine and 1-3 parts per million of bromine.

If the initial levels are especially high, as may occur if you have not cleaned your jacuzzi tub in a while, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the chemicals to disappear completely.

If you do not wait the time of security advised, you run the risk of putting in danger not only to yourself, but also to other users of the jacuzzi. Therefore, it is essential to have patience and wait for the necessary time before you get in the jacuzzi and have fun.

The maintenance of a jacuzzi inflatable is crucial

As we have already mentioned, the water of the hot tubs is the ideal environment for the growth of germs and diseases harmful. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential to prevent any health risk for the use of a hot tub.

How often should you clean a jacuzzi?

Most hot tubs are equipped with excellent filtration systems, which facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the water. However, depending on the use, it is still essential to clean your hot tub after each use and empty and completely fill your jacuzzi tub once every several weeks.

How are the filters?

The security of the jacuzzi inflatable requires a regular cleaning of the filters the hot tub. After each use, rinse it off and replace with frequency. The filters are dirty and clogged represent an important health hazard. You can enjoy your jacuzzi tub, and make sure that everyone is safe by following these simple tips.

The proper adjustment of the temperature

When it comes to the risks associated with hot tubs, you also need to take into account the temperature of the water. Although the heat is great for relieving sore muscles, it can be dangerous to have the temperature too high, especially if you already have a health problem, or immerse yourself for a long time. What temperature is best for a portable spa?


The majority of healthy people found that the water that is between 37 and 39 °C is ideal. You don't have to worry about the water of the hot tubs modern is dangerously hot because the thermometers typically have a maximum temperature of 40 °C.

However, you must take into account the time spent resting in the hot water, because it can cause dehydration, heat stroke and vertigo. Pregnant women, users with jacuzzis elderly and people who already suffer from a disease, they should pay special attention to this aspect.


To reduce the risk of heat stroke or dehydration if you like to have fun with your children in a jacuzzi, it is essential to lower the temperature to 36 °C, and restrict their time to a few minutes.

Use the lid to prevent mishaps

Always keep the children under the supervision of an adult, and put back the cover on the spa inflatable as you go. When the spa inflatable is not in use, should come with a safety cover with lock buckles to prevent incidents such as drowning.

Rules of safety and hygiene of a jacuzzi inflatable

Before and after use, take a shower
After using the jacuzzi tub, clear any bacteria on your skin in order to safeguard the safety of everyone else in the spa. This is to avoid contaminating the water with oils and body beauty products.

No one should ever use the spa if you have a cut or wound open, because any bacteria present there could lead to a serious infection and jeopardize the safety of other users.

The spa is an area where you can't urinate

You must watch this one, especially if you have children. In the jacuzzi tub, the urea and chlorine combine to create a dangerous gas that can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

Whether it's an accident if it is not, remove the small, wash it with soap and then empty and clean the jets in your jacuzzi tub. Hot tubs require constant cleaning, since high temperatures can exacerbate the symptoms of bacterial diseases.

Health conditions

The hot tub should not be used by anyone that is feeling ill, have diarrhea, disorders of the skin or on open wounds, because bacteria and viruses can spread quickly in a warm and wet. Users jacuzzis who have certain medical problems, such as heart disease, are also at certain additional risks for the health.

What about during pregnancy?

Pregnant women often use the spas garden without any major problems. However, before doing so, we suggest talking with a doctor because, during the first three months of pregnancy, and raising the body temperature above 39 degrees can increase the risk of abnormalities at birth.

How long can you be in a hot tub?

Spend too much time in a spa can do to lower your blood pressure, which may make you feel dizzy and dehydrated. While it may be tempting to lounge around in the warm bubbles for hours, we suggest that the sessions are short, a maximum of 20 minutes.

The dangers of consuming alcohol in a jacuzzi tub when you're drinking

Even when it comes to organizing a party, the alcohol should only be consumed sparingly, but staying hydrated is essential when using a jacuzzi.

As we mentioned earlier, the heat of the water in the spa or hot tub can make you feel dizzy, and when combined with alcohol, this increases the risk of tripping, accidents and falls.

It is a recipe for disaster when it also adds the component of dehydration. Instead, while you relax in the jacuzzi, why not try some cocktails?

The jacuzzis and children

Hot tubs are fun for children to play, but to avoid overheating, you need to adjust the temperature and limit your time at the spa to no more than 10-15 minutes.

tips for babies

In general, infants under two years old should not be in a jacuzzi.

Other risks

Other risks that must be taken into account when using a jacuzzi are

Electric shock

Fortunately, every hot tubs hot tub must be equipped with an RCD safety; in the event of a fault, the power supply will be cut off quickly. For security reasons, hot tubs should NEVER be used with extension cords; in its place, ask a licensed electrician install an outlet outdoor waterproof.

The possibility of slipping

There is a great danger of damage because the area around your jacuzzi tub may get wet and possibly slipping. You must ensure that all people using the jacuzzi to be cautious when entering and exiting, and must not leave small children to run around.

For greater security, you can place a mat or a towel. We cannot insist enough on this because we have heard numerous stories of accidents that occurred at family gatherings while the guests come in and out of the jacuzzi inflatable.

Zero glass

This is quite evident in terms of security; not only the breakable objects can cause cuts, but the sharp objects, and the inflatable does not make a good mixture, which could lead to a session with a jacuzzi it to deflate quickly.


It is important to know the risks and health hazards associated with hot tubs, so if you already have one like if you are planning in buying it. We have highlighted some tips and important considerations for the safety of the hot tubs in this post that you should take into account when using a jacuzzi in a responsible manner.

Make a poster near the spa so that everyone can see it and remember the restrictions, such as showering before and after use, refrain from running and you do not wear glasses, it is a wonderful idea.

Also we encourage you to read our other safety items on the maintenance of the spa and the children in the hot tubs of the hot tub. You can keep you and your loved ones safe while you take advantage of all the advantages of a soothing bath in your jacuzzi staff revitalizing following these simple safety tips.

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