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Reagent analysis kit for use in swimming pool

Kit analysis reagents for the measurement of chlorine and pH of swimming pools and inflatable spas. A product to check chlorine and pH of the water.

Reagent analysis kit for use in swimming pool

Test Kit reagent to control the chlorine level and pH of the water of your swimming pool.

Composed by a case with two probes, on a scale of colors and numbers, their fluids corresponding (oto and phenol) and instructions of use.

The format supplied is liquid

Mode of employment:

  1. Fill the tubes with the water of the pool up to the top line marked.
  2. Add 4 to 5 drops of oto/phenol in the probe that corresponds.
  3. Cover each test tube with the matching cap, without touching with the fingers and shake the test tube until a uniform color is obtained in the road.
  4. When you spend 30 seconds, compare the color obtained with the scale of colors and numbers of the instructions for use.
  • Ideal values of the chlorine between 0,5-1,5
  • Ideal values of the pH 7,2-7,6


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