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How to Put an Inflatable Spa in the Garden

Every week, people ask us if you can place a jacuzzi tub inflatable on the lawn. The answer is a yes reluctantly, but generally it is not recommended to do so unless it is a short-term solution for a number of solid reasons.

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If we had not learned a couple of things about it that creates a solid foundation, we would not have been the main resource of Spa inflatable that we are today. In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of installing a jacuzzi tub inflatable on the grass, and we'll give you some tips to do so.

In comparison with the jacuzzis rigid, you'll be amazed at how adaptable you can be these portable spas. However, the choice of a base that can support the weight of a jacuzzi inflatable is crucial, as they are still quite heavy.

You want to make sure that your new jacuzzi inflatable is installed on the larger surface area available, as do the majority of the owners.

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So if you want to have fun at the open air under the stars as if you're looking for a quiet place to take the sun.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the installation of your jacuzzi inflatable in the grass.

Can I install hot tubs inflatable in the lawn?

Although it is not advised to place a jacuzzi, inflatable standing on the grass, it is possible that you could do that for short periods of time, for example, for a special occasion.

However, there are several reasons why a grass surface is not the best option. Then we will see the reasons why you should reconsider the installation of a jacuzzi in your lawn.

Reasons why weed is a bad base

pool lawn 2

 The weight of the hot tubs will cause the grass to sink

The weight of the spa inflatable will eventually causing it to sink into the ground, which will limit the useful life of your spa and permanently damage the vegetation around your home.

Yellow spots in the places where the grass beneath the jacuzzi

If you keep the jacuzzi tub in there for more than a few weeks, the grass without protection below may suffer irreversible damage, and any treated water and sprinkle the lawn will burn and yellowing.

The mold may develop as a result of the moisture of the grass

In addition, placing your jacuzzi inflatable directly on the grass exposed to moisture, which can cause damage by insects, the growth of algae and the formation of white mold in your jacuzzi, all of which can be expensive to repair.

The surrounding ground will become muddy and slippery

In addition, any place around the spa inflatable that is muddy or wet will be uncomfortable to get in and out, and can become a danger of slipping.

You drag mud and grass to the interior of the spa when you use it

More waste in the spa, as it has been pointed out previously, when installing a jacuzzi inflatable in the grass of your garden, your feet dragged in the dirt, the blades of grass and other organic waste, which will then be driven to the spa water.
You will always spend more money on chemicals and energy while your spa inflatable struggle to get rid of the contaminants.

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The ground can be unstable

The soil type is another factor to take into account. There are some regions of Spain, for example, containing soils, loam or clay, when exposed to moisture, they become incredibly unstable.

Does your lawn can ruin a spa inflatable?

After this, it is possible to install a jacuzzi in the grass, but you'll have to say goodbye to that particular part of the same. As we will see later, the hot tubs are bad for the lawn.

Of course, as there will be no sunlight in the place where is located the jacuzzi, the grass will crush quickly, it will turn brown and die. In addition, the weight of the jacuzzis, especially the bouncy, you can do that to sink part of the floor.

If the levels of chlorine or bromine in the treated water of the jacuzzi inflatable are superior to 2 ppm, without a doubt detrimental to your lawn and neighboring plants (parts per million).

The random splashing won't harm anything, but the water that accumulates in a point or leaking out of the jacuzzi to the lawn will burn out.

However, if you leave the lid open and let the levels of bromine or chlorine to fall well below 1 ppm, you can pour a jacuzzi treated with chlorine in the grass safely. In reality, this small amount can help the plants to thrive, and your lawn can become more green as a result.

The environment of the jacuzzi tub also be affected, unless placed on a slab of concrete, as the grass wet with a lot of traffic will soon become a mud bath.

ground pool

How to repair grass damaged by a spa inflatable garden

What can you do to bring back the green color of the lawn to its former splendor after you install your spa?

  • Rastrillea the dead grass, clean the area of waste and level the ground naked first
  • Grab a box of grass seed and espárcelas generously on the floor damaged by the jacuzzi
  • To provide more nutrients, use a fertilizer for lawn or mulch made with leaves and grass clippings in good condition
  • Water well-the seeds of grass, as they need a lot of moisture to grow and begin to develop a root system strong
  • In the next few weeks, spread more seeds in areas that have not been recovered. In a short time, it will be as if the jacuzzi had never existed

Is it possible to put an jacuzzi inflatable inflatable on artificial grass?

Due to its simplicity of maintenance, the manicured lawns are rapidly replacing the natural grass in the gardens of the people. Offer the attractive aesthetics of the natural grass without dirt. They are less likely to be damaged by spills of chemicals or the weight of the hot tub, but are they the perfect place for a jacuzzi tub?

Although it may seem ideal, keep in mind a few things before you install your jacuzzi on artificial turf.

The base that has the artificial turf can be a surface stupendous always be placed on a concrete slab or other level surface, rather than on bare soil or sand spot, that you can navigate and move around.

The problems of artificial turf

To get strength, bounce and a softer feel, some imitation products of grass include a filler of rubber, however, these small grains can stick to your feet, enter in your spa water and eventually clog your filters.

Although it is not as horrible as the above, the alternative is an infill of sand. Your filtration system will continue to be subject to an additional effort.

What type of synthetic turf?

The artificial turf comes in three different varieties, and can be manufactured with polyethylene, nylon or polypropylene. Both have advantages and disadvantages when used as the basis of the spa inflatable.

The material looks more realistic is the PP (polypropylene), but it is not very durable and is fade with direct sunlight (and who you want your spa to the shade?) In addition, the intense traffic of people will damage the blades, which will give a nice look to be of short duration.

Although you do not have the same natural look that the other two, the nylon is the material of artificial grass is more resistant. Not away, but on a hot summer day, it will heat up a lot, and will not be very comfortable for bare feet.

The most popular material for the artificial turf is polyethylene, which has a fantastic look, but a major drawback:It is non-porous, which makes it wonderful for the convenience of the cleaning and the prevention of the retention of the pet smells, but it's not great when your spa needs to be drained.

On what surface you can place a jacuzzi tub?

There are several additional options for bases for hot tubs hot tub inflatable that have a reasonable price and are simple to install if you do not already placed, although the grass may not be the ideal choice for a base.

A sun terrace

Given that many of the houses have terraces, place the portable spa in one of them it is an easy alternative, however, you should make sure that it can withstand the weight of a jacuzzi loaded and, if necessary, reinforce the structure of the terrace.

Paving or flooring for the patio or garden

Always have a solid base to prevent shifting under the weight, and are generally level, these pavers are a wonderful base area for the hot tub.

Base gravel

The gravel is one of our top choices for a base, a jacuzzi tub, because it is extremely durable and stands up well to the hot tubs hot tub at the same time it provides good drainage.

A concrete base

A choice of strong base is a slab of concrete, which can support the weight of a jacuzzi complete with ease.

Tiles foam

Although there are bases in the traditional sense, they can be used to protect the databases of the hot tubs of things sharp, add a padded cozy, especially if your jacuzzi portable is installed on a concrete floor, and add more insulation.

If you're going to put a jacuzzi on the grass, do it well

What if the only space available for a spainflablee is the grass? We advise to dig a hole in the ground, which will include the spa, then fill it with concrete bases or placing slabs yard, which are excellent bases. You must place if you can an awning or cloth made of plastic to prevent punctures or tears.

You must first remove the turf and topsoil to a depth of about 15 centimeters. You can cover the soil with a membrane antihierbas and then fill it with several inches of sand. After that, you need to be compacted before the gravel, concrete, or the slabs of the courtyard will be added to.

Remember that in addition to a robust base, you may also need to buy a hose adapter to be able to empty from time to time the unit away from the lawn.

Main points

  • A jacuzzi hot tub should not be placed on the lawn – In conclusion, it is crucial to consider how the installation of a jacuzzi tub to your backyard affect your lawn. If you place your spa on the grass, it is very likely that this sink.
  • Always be on a smooth, level surface, no sharp stones that can penetrate the housing, a jacuzzi laptop can only be installed temporarily on the grass.
  • Place your jacuzzi on an unstable surface may cause irreversible damage. The bases of the hot tubs inflatable needed a base with a solid foundation, as a platform of concrete or reinforced jacket.
  • A base would be best to have the artificial grass, but also has certain disadvantages. However, it will be acceptable if it is installed on a firm surface, such as a patio or concrete, and is used to cover the soil beneath.
  • When you fill it with water, hot tubs must be placed on a level ground and resistant that can withstand its weight. This is important if you consider that some models can accommodate up to eight people and more than 1,200 litres of water.

To finish

The turf is suitable for a spa inflatable? In reality, no; unless you've rented one for the weekend, will damage the turf, will hinder the cleaning of the jacuzzi and it will make the area becomes muddy, and perhaps dangerous.

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It is unlikely that the warranty to cover it, because most of them only lasts for six months. The surface must be flat and level; otherwise, it would create tension in certain regions, and damage the spa. As should be emptied from time to time, the drain is also crucial.

The weight of a jacuzzi completely full is another thing that you should keep in mind. Although a lawn can support the weight, it is likely that it is not completely level and do not support the whirlpool by the same, unlike a deck or a concrete base, which might cause fractures by tension.

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