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Inflatable Spa Intex 6 persons

The spa inflatable Intex from a point of view purely visual, it is a model very elegant at first glance. Everything looks perfect, and as a buyer, you have many options to choose from.

All versions of the binding of purchase are ideal for 4 people, but this particular model can accommodate 6 people and contain up to 1098 liters of water.

spa inflatable intex 6 people

Jacuzzi inflatable Intex for 6 people

Relax and pamper yourself at the spa inflatable 6 people Intex 28428EX Pure Spa. With just the push of a button you can activate the 140 air jets in and out relaxing bubbles that surround the interior of the spa or adjust the temperature that best suits your comfort level.

This jacuzzi portable Intex PureSpa provides simple maintenance with two inserts of the filter easy to replace to get your water clean and refreshing in the hot tub and a system of treatment of hard water incorporated to soften the water in your skin for a soothing experience.

The PureSpa features a durable construction of Fiber-Tech with 48 sheets of Fiber Tech that are strong enough. With the filter of swimming pool PureSpa S1 included to keep the spa water inflatable is clean, the Intex PureSpa is also the best in quality and price.

Ready to use in approximately 20 minutes, and deflated for easy storage or transport; the construction of a Fiber-Tech™ material and triple-layer resistant to punctures provide maximum comfort, support and durability.

spa 1


This is the replacement of the original filter for your Intex PureSpa. It is suitable for all PureSpas of Intex, including models 28403E, 28407E, 28443E, 28453E, 28421E, 28423E, 28413E and 28453E. For best results, change the filter cartridge regularly.

It is recommended to change the filter cartridge every 2 weeks to maximize the performance of your jacuzzi inflatable.

Dimensions (w x L): 216 x 71 inches. Includes Spa, filtration system, filter, support insulator and insulating sheath.

The color can be brown or gray.

The empty weight is about 41,4 kg, so it must be assembled by at least 2 people.

All versions are heated to 2200 watts, so that the heating time is approximately 1.5 – 2.5 °C per hour. The filtration pump is capable of purifying approximately 1.741 litres of water per hour and works silently with 10 watts.

With this version you will get 140 air jets. The material used is PVC laminated 3-layer fabric, interior with FiberTech (Intex), greater strength, durability and rigidity to the entire edge of the spa

The option of bubble massage treats the skin with a total of 140 air jets.

Disclaimer: This spa inflatable should not be used at temperatures above 40 degrees.


1098 Liters


Up to 6 people


165 cm


216 cm


71 cm


140, air


  • Brand image
  • Competitive price
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Filter cartridges are easy to replace
  • Most basic model that their brothers-in-range
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