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Bestway Miami Inflatable Spa

The Spa inflatable Bestway Miami (also known as the Lay-Z-Spa Miami) is a jacuzzi traditional laptop that can accommodate up to four people without additional features such as LED lights.

spa inflatable bestway miami

Spa inflatable Bestway Miami

Get ready, because things are about to get very well (and relaxing) in the soothing warmth of the jacuzzi inflatable Miami SaluSpa Bestway.

All that you love a hot tub, but inflatable and portable. What you don't like the SaluSpa, which has 120 massage jets and a cushioned surface to facilitate relaxation? The hot tub inflates within minutes and the rapid heating system heats water quickly, up to 40 degrees.

The hot temperature is perfect for soothing sore muscles or to relax after a tiring day. The digital control panel lets you adjust the temperature without leaving the spa inflatable.

The walls are made of durable PVC material 3 layers, and feature a robust construction that allows you to sentarsecomodamente in the jacuzzi hichable.

El conjunto también incluye un flotador químico para mantener la bañera limpia, un paquete doble de almohadillas filtrantes y una cubierta hinchable.

Use the SaluSpa Bestway to enjoy a luxurious spa in the privacy of your home, and enjoy a romantic session of pampering with your friends or your partner.

spa inflatable


The pump, digital control with control panel heats the water up to 40°C.

The SaluSpa 120 has air jets massage and a cushioned floors so that you can relax easily while the jets release bubbles that will surround you in a relaxing massage, the heat and the bubbles are combined to provide a massaging experience comfortable.

It has a reinforced lid, safety lock, an aluminium cap and an air chamber built-in that acts as insulation to keep the water warmer. An accessory of additional drainage provides a faster emptying when the user is ready to clean the spa.

There are 81 jets of bubbles that surround the base of the spa. Like all the hot tubs inflatable Bestway, is manufactured with a material Tritech, this makes it strong and durable.

Bestway incluye una cubierta para ayudar a reducir la pérdida de calor y garantizar la seguridad cuando la bañera no está en uso.

The SaluSpa Miami comes in the color black, but this does not mean that it is suitable for everyone. Looks a lot like other hot tubs inflatable cheap, so that the design is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when deciding.

Disclaimer: This spa inflatable should not be used at temperatures above 40 degrees.


669 Liters


From 2 to 4 people


132 cm


180 cm


66 cm


81, air




  • Great quality-price ratio
  • Impressive system of dispenser chemical Chemconnect (in place of the float chemical)
  • Cover included
  • Filter cartridges are easy to replace
  • No additional features
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