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What chemicals should I use with my inflatable hot tub?

Hot tubs inflatables have become a great option for people who don't want or can't afford a hot tub or spa normal, which can cost between 3,000 and 20,000 euros.

Another advantage of these hot tubs is that they are not permanent, so you can move quickly and easily to the desired place. The people living in a single house or have a backyard too small that don't want to invest thousands of dollars in improvements can easily transform the place into a space very warm and welcoming.

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Although the spas inflatables offer essentially the same experience that the hot tubs typical, as the hot water that flows through the jets, do not have the same characteristics as the hot tubs typical, as speakers, lighting, seating standard, but offer the basic principles of a jacuzzi.

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One of the best features of the hot tubs inflatable is its low cost. This is also one of its features.

You can purchase hot tubs inflatable quality at prices that range between 475 and 1000 euros and that do not require electrical connections special. Just fill it up with water and plug it in to the electrical network. Some of our customers have told us that when they take him camping, so plug in your generator. That's great!

Material of the spa inflatable

The hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs are made of vinyl, thickness, not of a hard material made of acrylic or fiberglass as hot tubs normal. Unlike hot tubs standard, the pump, the heater and all other options are “outside” of the jacuzzi, not within the body of a jacuzzi standard. The majority of spas inflatables have some kind of control panel with the basic functions of the spa's control. Spas standard tend to be fully programmable, can play music through a Bluetooth connection, have nozzles fog, packages of lighting and pattern of jet adjustable.

Spas inflatables are available with different seating configurations. Have a capacity of 2 to 8 people, which would be a good feature for those who really don't have much space to install a jacuzzi standard for 8 persons, or just need a jacuzzi smaller in size.

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One of the main drawbacks of the hot tubs inflatable is the heating. The heaters of these hot tubs are not considered to be of the last generation and it is difficult to heat the water in cold climates. You can't expect a jacuzzi of 400 euros is hot as fast as one of 6,000 euros. When not in use, it is a good idea to cover them. The water of a jacuzzi inflatable takes between 12 and 24 hours to warm up, which means a lot more time than a jacuzzi normal, so that the time can be a little erratic in colder climates. Keep the temperature in cold weather of winter can also be a problem.

What chemicals do I need for my spa inflatable?

The most important thing for any hot tub hot tub or spa is to make sure that the water is chemically correct and that it is safe to enter. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they decide to buy a spa or a jacuzzi tub is that you think that you only have to fill it with water and you're all set... which is a big mistake.

With the hot tubs inflatable, you have to be more careful with the chemicals used. The fact is that these tubs are made of vinyl and the use of harsh chemicals will ruin the jacuzzi in a few months. It is a good idea to keep the chemicals at a minimum. If you keep chlorine levels similar to those of the tap water, your chances of success are greater. If you are not sure if you are using the suitable chemicals for your spa inflatable bouncy, ask us and we will help you.

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Although a spa inflatable is not the same as a jacuzzi typical, you will benefit from the treatment with hot water, which is ultimately the goal of a jacuzzi. The conversion rate of people who spend a jacuzzi inflatable to a normal one is quite high, so that you become the owner of a jacuzzi is a cost effective way of doing so.

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