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Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Spa

The Bestway Palm Springs inflatable hot tub doesn't really offer any special features, however, you get a good basic hot tub with a great quality brand name.

spa inflatable Bestway Palm Springs

Jacuzzi inflatable Bestway Palm Springs

Relax and have fun throughout the year in the large spaces and outdoor activities. You get all the features of the typical jacuzzi you know and love, only this SaluSpa Bestway Palm Springs 54130E-BW is inflatable and detachable.

This oasis of golden sand is inflated in a matter of minutes without the need of additional tools. Manufactured with material Tritech resistant to punctures and UV rays, can inflate, reposition and deflate the jacuzzi as many times as necessary.

Thanks to the reinforced jacket included, you can keep your SaluSpa inflated, and hot. It can be attached securely to a greater isolation. You can relax your body with just the push of a button.

The pump multifunctional includes a digital control panel to access system functions relaxing massage. The jets AirJets emit bubbles to provide a warm massage and relaxing. The pump is also used to fill, heat, and filter the jacuzzi.

The dispenser ChemConnect including providing clean and healthy water. Your spa is always ready for operation thanks to the dispenser that maintains a level of chlorine constant. Let us relax after a long day, or, invite friends to spend a quiet evening. In any case, you can do it with the Bestway 54130E-BW Palm Springs SaluSpa.

spa inflatable bestway palm springs


Spa inflatable round designed for 4 to 6 people, providing maximum comfort and relaxation after a long day; Dimensions (diameter x height): 196 x 196 cm.

The material is puncture Tritech and the cover is reinforced to increase durability while maintaining the comfort, warmth and performance.

Features a digital control panel that lets you control the system from relaxing massage and the temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flow control valve built-in that connects to a hose to drain water quickly from the jacuzzi inflatable.
It features a pump multifunction and a dispenser of chemicals ChemConnect for aeration, heating and filtration

Unlike his brother, the SaluSpa Paris, the SaluSpa Palm Springs does not have LED lighting.

The manufacturer claims that can accommodate up to six people, which may, but it is a narrow place.

It has a timer power saving automatic power on/off of the spa.

The spa inflatable Bestway Palm Springs has no particular brightness, only if you like the look of the brown leather, this is the best model that you can choose.

Disclaimer: This spa inflatable should not be used at temperatures above 40 degrees.


916 liters


Up to 6 people


146 cm


196 cm


71 cm


120, air


  • Impressive system of dispenser chemical Chemconnect (instead of float chemical)
  • Mat heat insulation
  • Cover included
  • Filter cartridges are easy to replace
  • No additional features
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