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Inflatable aquatic playground Intex Dinoland

Play center inflatable water Intex Dinoland suitable for use on the outside, with measures 333 x 229 x 112 cm, it has a pool with a capacity of 290 litres of water.

Inflatable aquatic playground Intex Dinoland


The play center features a slide inflatable with railings inflatables and a padded base to facilitate the descent, as well as a ring, inflatable for children to launch balls to the dinosaur, located next to the swimming pool where the kids can cool off on hot days.

Six colored balls for children to slide, and jump in a ring of dinosaurs inflatable separated from the center of games.


280 litres


4 children


333 cm


229 cm


112 cm



The central ring looks like the body of a dinosaur elongated and contains nozzles to fill the water slide to slide. Everything you need to make it work is to a garden hose (not included hose, only one input jack).

There is a drain plug in the bottom of the pool that can be emptied easily.

It also has a repair kit with patches to fix any scratch or hole.

The games center Dinoland Intex is made of vinyl of high quality and is intended for children from 3 years.


  • Design
  • Size
  • Multiple games
  • Kit tire repair
  • The provider does not ensures the color
  • You can tear easily


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