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Review INTEX inflatable spa 4 people 795 liters

The PureSpa of Intex is one of the hot tubs inflatable best valued, and also one of the most popular.

One of the reasons is that they are not as expensive as other models, which makes them affordable for many households. Another reason is that they are manufactured by Intex, a well-known brand company which has more than 40 years, manufacturing products, inflatable pools and in high quality.

In conclusion, the Intex Pure Spa is not for everyone. Spas inflatables have advantages and disadvantages, which are described below.

spa inflatable intex 6 people

Advantages of Intex Pure Spas

The spa inflatable is very affordable

The Pure Spas Intex are not only affordable, but also have a good relationship quality-price. It is well made, is easy to use and will serve you for a long time. Think about it. The cost of this unit is less than the price of many jacuzzis fabric portable indoor jacuzzi. This is a bargain.

Spa inflatable INTEX bubbles 4 people, 795...
  • I take a relaxing bubble bath with warm water without leaving home in your spa inflatable INTEX, the best way to end or start the day!

Use this spa inside or outside.

Unlike spas rigid and less easy to use, the version, inflatable can be used on the interior or exterior. In fact, some users have moved in function of the season.

However, some people find it more comfortable to have your spa indoors during the winter months.

Yes, a spa inflatable has a weaker structure than a spa stiff, but that does not mean that it is not solid or wobbling, in fact, the unit is so robust that several people can sit in the outside wall of the jacuzzi. The spa doesn't explode or crack.

While a spa inflatable is strong and durable, you'll also get the smoothness of the walls of the jacuzzi and the base. These features are not found in the hot tubs prefabricated.

Easy to clean the spa inflatable

What you'll really appreciate this jacuzzi inflatable is that it requires very little maintenance. Comes with filters replaceable, and a dispenser of chlorine floating that basically cleans and treats the water for you.

System for treatment of hard water incorporated

Intex has a system of treating hard water with the built-softens hard water. The soft water is undoubtedly the most luxurious to the skin and hair. If you live in a place with hard water, you know what I mean.

The softer the water, the less it will wear out the pump in the spa. This makes it last longer and require less hassle and maintenance. The user gets here many advantages.

Better thermal insulation

We have mentioned the “heating costs higher” in the section “Cons”, but we would like to inform you that this spa inflatable includes a top isolated carpets and floor insulated to minimize heat loss. This is without doubt one of the highlights.

spa inflatable

Disadvantages of the Intex Pure Spa

 You can not sit on the spa

Many hot tubs inflatable do not come with seats built, especially the basic models that do not have many amenities. This is also the case in the Intex Pure Spa. If you've ever used a spa stiff, you're probably used to sit inside.

It can be difficult to imagine one without a seat. To imagine the experience of a spa, “no seat”, think of the feeling that you have when you sit in a jacuzzi normal at home, where He seems comfortable and relaxing?

These spas can be expensive to heat

This will depend on the climate of your region and if you use the spa inside or outside. However, hot tubs inflatable tend to lose heat more rapidly than the hot tubs rigid.

To keep costs low, some people heat their jacuzzis only part-time. 

 Look No lights in her jacuzzi Intex PureSpa

Night lights floating hot tubs inflatable Personally, not employment colored lights, aromatherapy or waterfall in my spa, however, I know that can enhance your experience at the spa, especially when you're trying to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

I hope that my review of the spa Intex PureSpa respond to your questions, and help you decide if this spa is right for your needs.

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Comments (2)


Buy a few weeks ago, a Spa inflatable 4 person greywood Deluxe INTEX 795 litres, and I intend to leave it in the garden, where it is now, all the winter. This almost covered in leaves and branches of palm trees, protected a little from the cold and there, of course, does not freeze. I put the lid bouncy and... because there is nothing more, if the motor and the controller hold you back from the rain, if I have to leave it in gear to move the water. Please, I would like to me orientarais a bit as it is a very good product and at a better price, and I would not want to spoil it.
Thank you for your time

Roberto Peláez Pedraza

Hello Quique. The Spa Greywood Deluxe INTEX comes prepared for the splash of the rain, now well, I particularly if my spa inflatable you can drop a lot of rain, we would put a canopy of plastic covering the engine and the controller.
On maintenance, if you are going to use a lot, leave it on for the night 1 hour (it's cheaper) without the cover and the rest of the day with the cover.
If in the winter you will not use, it is best to empty it and store it until the summer.
Thanks for stopping.


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