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How to maintain the water in an inflatable pool

Sales of inflatable swimming are increasing significantly year after year, as more and more people plan their summer vacation, and the maintenance of a pool inflatable, it is a priority.


And with the big sales come the big questions: What chemicals do I need for my pool inflatable? And How do I keep clean my children's pool?

Keep clean a swimming pool, inflatable

To keep the water in a swimming pool, children healthy, it's important to keep dirt, debris and other organic debris out of the pool.

Pets should be kept out of the inflatable swimming for several reasons.

Pool Floor Leaf Netting

It uses a network to swimming pools, though you can also pick up leaves by hand without the pole.

Use the hose cleaner of the sewage and clean the bottom, if you had no sewage treatment plant, you can use a brush to sweep.


Covers for swimming pools inflatable

Some pools inflatables come with a cover that covers the swimming pool as a beautiful blanket. You can also use a simple canvas and a few rubber bands or bricks to hold it in place, or use a small solar cover to heat the water and let the sun shine while covers the leaves and debris.

Keeping the swimming pool inflatable in hygienic conditions

Without a filter of swimming pool that you remove the small particles, the water can become cloudy quickly. The filters do not disinfect or sterilize the water in the swimming poolbut remove the dirt and allow the disinfectant to combat algae and bacteria.

To check the pH of the water, which naturally increases with the use of the swimming pool, you will need a small test kit or test strips.

Reagent analysis kit for use in swimming pool

If the pH rises too high, the chlorine is only half effective, and the algae and bacteria can grow more. The optimal range is from 7.2 to 7.4.

Chlorine 5 Actions

The best way to get chlorine level is constant and stable in your swimming pool is to use the pills in a chlorinator floatingalso known as float chlorine.

It is also worth mentioning that the users of the pools should shower before you use a small pool and small children who do not yet have learned how to go to the bathroom should change the diapers and use swim diapers. Even a very small amount of stool in a pool so small you can overload the methods of drainage.

Drainage and filling of swimming pools inflatable

Some of the best inflatable swimming full size include a drain plug for easy emptying and filling of a regular basis. Just unplug the stopper and drain, or attach a garden hose to its drained.

Even if you check and adjust the pH and maintain the chlorine level is stable, there comes a time in which you have to drain the pool and start again.

In most children's pools, inflatable or plastic, the water should be changed every two weeks. Unless you add chlorine to kill the bacteria, the pool must be emptied every two days.

The stagnant water without chlorine can become unhealthy in just 24-48 hours.

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