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Should I always leave my inflatable hot tub on?

Whether the hot tub is inflatable and if not, the owners of hot tubs always worry about the efficiency and the energy consumption of the jacuzzi when not in use.

However, the owners of hot tubs inflatable sometimes wonder, do I always leave my jacuzzi inflatable on?

spa night

I've researched a bit and I've found the following.

Yes, you should always leave your spa inflatable on unless you keep it for more than three weeks without using it. If it is closed, but it still has water, bacteria can grow.

Additionally, heating water requires more energy than simply keep it at the set temperature.

However, you may be wondering how this affects your electricity bill in the winter and, above all, can I use the jacuzzi inflatable in winter?

In this article, we'll show you the best strategy to keep the heater of your spa inflatable without any cost.

Do you let your jacuzzi inflatable switched on all the time?

Most people keep their jacuzzi turned on all the time to keep it working and let the chemicals (or whatever they use to keep the hot tub clean) do their job. This keeps the water to the optimal temperature for its use (about 37 to 40, although in a thermal bath temperature is 34).

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The same thing happens with the hot tubs inflatable in this sense. However, these may require a little more energy.

Therefore, the problem of the hot tubs inflatable is that they do not retain heat very effectively. This is not a problem in the spring, summer and autumn, but in winter it can be costly to maintain the desired temperature.

Si no quieres sumergirte en la bañera en una fría noche de invierno, no pasa nada.

How does a jacuzzi inflatable to the electric bill?

Your electric bill will be affected by two things: the time it takes to heat up initially, the water and the amount of energy required to maintain an optimal temperature above 37°.

Therefore, mantener el jacuzzi inflable en funcionamiento no tendrá un gran impacto en la factura de electricidad.

Hot tubs inflatable draw air from outside, pour and create bubbles with more than 100 jets. Then passed through a heater to heat the water.

But, What is the total cost?

The average cost of a spa inflatable is about 1.5 to 2 euros per day, and a month for a typical household of 4-6 people about 50-60 euros per month.

You must have in mind that this is a calculation over a 12 kW day and with a weighted average of the prices of the light in Spain. Add to that, the model of spa, efficiency, outside temperature, its location in our home...

Hot tubs older may cost more because the pump is not as efficientwhile the jacuzzis more new energy-saving features such as standby mode or the economy mode.

This allows the jacuzzi work as well as the water circulates and passes through the resistance. Some people expect the pump to keep the temperature at the appropriate level.

What will freeze my spa inflatable in winter?

Although the trapped air is a good insulator, when the outside temperature drops considerably, the air cools quickly and the heat of the water is quickly transferred through it.

However, when the pump is in operation, keeps the water temperature constant, and the water does not freeze.

If you live in a place like Vitoria, for example, do not expect that the temperature is kept at around 40 degrees all winter.

spa winter

However, if the unit is turned off, there is at least a possibility of ice formation, due to the amount of water, around the jacuzzi is not frozen, but can form ice on the pipes, which can cause leaks when the water melts.

If you don't plan to use the spa in the winter, it is best to drain completely and keep it until the time comes warmerthis will also prevent the wear on the vinyl.

Do I need to lower the temperature of my spa inflatable in winter?

The jacuzzi inflatable must be always switched on, as the cost of running a jacuzzi varies throughout the year. In summer it is easier and cheaper to keep the temperature at around 37.

Lowering the temperature reduces the costs of operation, in fact, if it continues to rise and lowering the temperature, usually cost more and if it is too cold, it can cause discomfort, a spa is not to suffer.

In summer, it can be more bearable if the temperature is lowered for a time.

spa inflatable Intex Greywood Deluxe

In winter, however, it may be better to have the temperature one or two degrees higher.

Remember that it is not like turning on or off the heating of your home, you will not feel the change immediately and can switch seamlessly one or two days before you feel the difference.

So to answer your question, definitely not, lowering the temperature will not significantly reduce their costs, and also you will like

If I turn off my spa inflatable, how Much time it will take to re-heated?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question, it is usually between 3 and 6 hours on average.

The time that it takes to warm up is determined by three factors.

  1. The temperature of the incoming water.
  2. The current temperature of the air.
  3. The volume of water in the spa.

If the outside temperature is high enough, the water in the jacuzzi is kept warm until it is full.

When it's cold, the hot tub begins to lose heat rapidly, even with the lid on. The temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the jacuzzi controls the speed with which this occurs.

Regardless of the temperature outside, to keep the hot tub covered will help you warm up faster.

Para más información, el tiempo medio de calentamiento de una jacuzzi hinchable es de unas 4 horas, pero en invierno puede ser de hasta 12 horas.

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Hot Tubs inflatable must be turned on for any period of time and minimum time? My plan was to be armandolo just a few weekends of summer, and save it on weekdays to not have it installed and turned on for days or weeks. I live in a city where in the summer we are at 40 degrees so that would take a long time to warm up.

Roberto Peláez Pedraza

Hi Cesar, if you're going to use regularly every weekend of the summer, what would power only one hour per night (to be more cost-effective electricity) every 1 or 2 days uncovered (preferably 1 time every day) and the rest of the time, with the deck. This way I have it.
If it's only for a couple of weekends a year, nothing more, empty, clean well and dry.
The water is rotting so much for use as for the sun, if you can put it in a zone that does not give a lot of sun, I would let you all summer full and with the cap in place when not in use.

Thanks for stopping.


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