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Inflatable pool with chair Intex

With this pool inflatable Intex with chair you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing bath in the sun.

In terms of design, it will not leave you indifferent, with its blue color and its design that combines comfort and practicality.

Swimming pool inflatable armchair

Inflatable pool with armchair

Take a dip in the family pool with seat Intex. Surprisingly, the family pool Intex seat is easy to assemble, just inflarla quickly and is ready to fill it up with water and the little ones can start to splash around and play in a matter of minutes.

Bring all the fun of the beach to your backyard or garden and enjoy the colorful landscape ocean. Add color and style to your backyard with the family pool Intex with seating. The approximate dimensions when inflated are 229 cm in length, 218 cm wide and 76 high are your walls.

The water capacity is 590 litres. A bank built for parents to provide relaxation while you watch the kids. There is the possibility for just over 20 euros to equip it with an air pump Intex, which is a great tool for any family.

This air pump Intex includes three sizes of nozzle common: small, medium, and long. This allows you to use the pump in a variety of different situations. It is ideal for inflating air mattresses and pool toys in no time, and connected to a domestic power socket standard for ease of use.

To differentiate themselves from the rest of the range, Intex has ensured that come with a lounge chair and an integrated head restraints.

You can relax while you watch the kids. To be made of vinyl, it is very resistant to impacts and will provide you with hours of fun, without worrying about the sun or scratches, you will be able to enjoy your pool for many years.


The package includes a swimming pool inflatable family lounge chair Intex Swim Centre.

A swimming pool inflatable circular that the entire family can enjoy.

Parents can sit comfortably on the benches incorporated while they watch their children enjoy the water.
Ideal for the whole family, from 3 years.

This elevated swimming pool does not require filter and fills easily with water than a standard garden hose.

This pool also has 2 air chambers with valves combined to make inflation easier.

To consider

Do not forget to check the rules and restrictions of the community of owners before purchasing the product, if it is their particular case. Not all owners authorize the pools on terraces.

Make sure that the space is large enough for the installation of the pool, have a flat surface, solid and compact, and is far enough away from balconies.

The children in these pools must be under the supervision of an adult at all times to avoid greater evils.


640 litres


4 people


229 cm


218 cm


79 cm




  • Ideal for kids and an adult watching
  • Kit tire repair included
  • The headrest, cup holder and the unit ensure the highest comfort of use
  • Tends to deflate quickly
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