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Inflatable pool with purifier Intex

This pool inflatable with depuradora Intex is one of the most sold and has proven to be very popular with families that want to have a swimming pool in your yard or garden.

The swimming pool measures 305 x 76 cm and can hold some 3853 liters of water.

Swimming pool inflatable with depuradora intex


Fun for the family

Stay fresh and chapotee with pool inflatable Intex Easy Set. This pool inflatable is a great place for you and your family, especially in the hot days of summer.

This circular pool is easy to install and sits comfortably on any outdoor surface. You just have to fill the pool to the appropriate size and you'll be ready to dive.

The pool has plenty of space for the whole family can have fun. With only 3,05 meters width and 76 centimeters high, this pool portable, does not occupy too much space, so that the children continue to have a lot of space to run.

This garden pool is also extremely durable because it is made of material 3-ply puncture-proof. When you are finished swimming, the pool can be emptied simply and is easy to clean and store with ease.

The included filter facilitates especially the maintenance. Bring the fun to your friends and family this summer with the swimming pool Intex Easy Set.


The material is sturdy, and the pool itself is double lined to prevent leaks.

In general, this pool will do a great job of keeping the fun in your patio or garden.

Can accommodate up to 8 people, although 5 or less would be more comfortable. There is plenty of space to play in the pool and the depth allows you to swim in truth, not wade.

It is deep enough for the adults to enjoy, but sufficiently shallow for small children to play safely.

Brings a wastewater treatment plant, with which you rarely will have to change the water. This means that the water is retained in comparison with other pools of this type, but it also means that the water will not contain anything that could be harmful.

Pools require a level ground, but most of the people think that this is not a problem.

With proper maintenance, this pool will last more than a season and you can easily assemble and disassemble each year.

swimming pool inflatable

To consider

Disclaimers. Please check the rules and restrictions of the community of owners before purchasing this product. Not all owners allow the private pools on the floor.

Make sure that the space is large enough for your needs, on a level surface, solid, and compact, with enough distance from balconies, terraces and flat areas, and specifies all the sources of supply of power to the wastewater treatment plant.


3853 liters


Of 4 to 8 people


305 cm


305 cm


76 cm


  • Plant
  • Ease of assembly
  • Resistant Material
  • With good care, can last a long time
  • Very heavy to put on a terrace or unstable area
  • Not recommended for unsupervised children
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