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Rectangular inflatable pool Intex

This pool inflatable rectangular Intex is a model went on the market in 2018, and has been very well appreciated by the clients since then.

It has a rectangular shape and the new color is a lighter blue and modern with a white border.

Swimming pool inflatable rectangular

Fun for all

Escape the heat and have fun with your family this summer in the inflatable pool rectangular Intex. This inflatable pool rectangular has a capacity of more than 1000 litres and is suitable for children of 6 years and older.

On hot days, you can swim with your family in this pool portable. The double air chamber makes it easier to inflate and deflate than other models. The vinyl material thick and durable, allows you to bring your family and have fun this summer. Without filter, without filter pump and without the need of a ladder, this swimming pool is ready to be used.

It is large enough to accommodate you and 2 or 3 children, with an intake valve double and a drain valve.

To bathe in the water does not have to be difficult. This summer, escape the heat with a swimming pool inflatable family's rectangular swimming centre.


The rectangular shape provides the most space of bathroom, for all the world, especially those of ages from 6 years.

The wide side walls with double circles provide a comfortable resting place for the adults and stability for the little trick or treaters.

In vacuum, the pool is folded very quickly for easy storage when not in use.

Includes a drain plug and a repair patch for convenience.

The vinyl of 14 mm thickness is easy to clean, and you can fill with a standard garden hose.

Measures 305 x 183 x 56 cm and has a full capacity of 1020 litres.

It is made of vinyl-high quality and durable, it also has a drain plug for easy emptying and 3 air chambers.

Due to the size of this pool inflatable, recommended for children older than 6 years and we recommend adult supervision when children are swimming.

The pool fills and empties easily. It also includes patches to fix any hole or opening in the fabric.

swimming pool 3

To consider

Please check the rules and restrictions of the community of neighbors before you make your purchase. Not all owners allow the private pools on the floor of a terrace, if it is your case.

Make sure that the space required is sufficient, that the surface is flat, solid and compact, and that is in flat areas.


1020 liters


4 people


305 cm


183 cm


56 cm




  • Ideal for children due to their low depth
  • Drain valve
  • Price
  • It is not the model more resistant
  • Once in a while, you'll need to fill air tubes
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