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Inflatable aquatic jungle playground Intex

The play center inflatable water in the jungle of Intex is divided in two pools, one large and one small, connected by a water slide with a pad in the background.

The smallest pool in the games center is equipped with a sprinkler that you can connect to a garden hose.

Inflatable aquatic jungle playground Intex

Play center inflatable water in the jungle Intex

The play center Intex Jungle Adventure Play Centre is more than just a pool for kids, it's actually a mini water park.

This children's swimming pool offers a small pool for children within a larger pool with a variety of fun activities.

The largest pool has a capacity of 130 gallons of water, it has walls of 8 inches and includes a water slide, an arch inflatable, a flamingo, games ring and 5 balls to fit in the wall. The smaller pool has walls higher and can only contain 57 litres due to the drain of embedded security.

This makes it perfect for little swimmers who are starting out in the water. This children's swimming pool also has a hook to a garden hose and a check valve so that you can turn on the fun water column.

With a few measures of 257 inches long, 216 inches in width and 84 inches tall, this children's swimming pool is perfect for children from 2 years old who are learning to swim for the first time, as it allows them to become familiar with the water in a safe environment with mom and dad. The air pump is sold separately.

gaming center acuatico



An oasis of summer ideal for children from 2 years to learn to swim.

With a water slide, arch, inflatable, flamingos, monkeys and games of ring toss.

The games center measures x 257 216 x 84 cm, the small pool has a capacity of 57 litres and a hole to filter the water so that it does not exceed a height of 11 cm and the large swimming pool has a capacity of 493 litres.

It also has a valve to regulate the flow of water.

The game includes several accessories and toys, inflatables, such as a monkey that can be attached to an arch, inflatable, a set of rings of flamingos and a shield that can contain five of the balls are included in the game. In the largest swimming pool there are also hippos and crocodiles, some of whose heads are inflatable.

Never leave children in the pool without the supervision of an adult.


57 litres and 493 litres


4 children


257 cm


216 cm


84 cm




  • Design
  • It has 2 swimming pools
  • Accessories for play
  • Fragile
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