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Intex sand scrubber 4,500 liters/hour

The sewage treatment plant of sand Intex uses the technology of aeration of the water to create more negative ions on the surface of the water, increasing the clarity of the water for a more clean water and healthy.

With a maximum flow rate of 4500 litres per hour, this model is recommended for use in swimming pools knockdown of up to 29.100 liters of the series Easy Set, Metal Frame, Prism, Oval Frame, Ultra-Frame and Graphite Panel Gray Intex (refer to size and shape).

Depuradora de arena Intex

The engine 10 W/0,25 HP is a cleaning system that respects the environment and also provides excellent performance and efficiency.

With the new digital control panel, you can set the purifier to turn on automatically every 24 hours, or control your lock and unlock, this saves energy and wear and tear of the unit.

The filter is easy to maintain, since the hard sand about 5 years, and the pre-filter external keeps larger debris in the basket, avoiding damage to the motor and improving the clarity of the water.

You need to sand, quartz or glass (not included). To start using the purifier, select one of the 6 modes using the manual shut-off valve and press the power button.

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