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Frequently asked questions about inflatable spas

What we look at when choosing the best jacuzzi inflatable? These characteristics that we have found to be most important.

Capacity: the number of people who can host

Hot tubs inflatable can be used by two, four or six people. However, they tend to be quite crowded. If you want more freedom (and if you have room in your budget), consider the possibility of extending it

spa arebos

Control Panel: easy to use

 Most of the hot tubs inflatable have a simple digital control panel to adjust the temperature of the water and the jets.

When buying, make sure that the control panel is accessible from the interior of the Spa inflatable. No one wants to go outside and climb up to the pump to turn on the heater, but some spas, inflatable require it.

System for treatment of hard water incorporated

This is another feature of the filtration system and is found only in some spas, inflatable. Helps prevent the accumulation of sediment and calcium in your spa inflatable. This is very good, however, it is not a substitute for the water chemistry is appropriate.

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Heating systems.

What temperature do I need for my spa inflatable? The security maximum temperature is 40 °C. The majority of the users prefer temperatures between 37 °C and 39 °C.

You can also expect a spa inflatable afternoon between 12 and 24 hours (at a rate of 1 to 3 degrees per hour) in heat through the water before your first use.

Pump. How long does it last?

The pump circulates the water and carries a built-in air fan that inflates the jacuzzi and moves the nozzles.

The pump and the heater are usually housed in a sealed container to prevent the electrical components affecting the water.

 In most of the hot tubs inflatable, the control panel is located in the upper part of the casing of the pump.

How do you Fit in anywhere?

Almost all hot tubs inflatable have a round shape. However, you can also find models square in the market.

While this may not be a big problem, the models square and the jacuzzis for two people can have more space for the feet of the users.

Of course, the amount of space also depends on the number of people bathing in the spa at the same time.

spa 2

Cover: security and lower energy consumption

When you purchase a spa inflatable, this one comes with its own cover. Some come even with two or three types of cover.

Depending on which model you choose, the cover can be made of leather, inflatable and isolated, or a deck combined with a coating inflatable for a single cover to retain the heat.

Jets what is the ideal number?

 If the jets are absolutely essential to you, pay close attention to this feature. A trademark of jacuzzi inflatable has four columns of water.

It is much smaller than a jacuzzi normal, given the difference in power, but they offer a different experience to the sprays of pure air.

Some of the disadvantages of the hot tubs inflatable

There are several disadvantages that are taken into account at the time of purchase, install and maintain a jacuzzi inflatable. However, you'll be pleased to know that actually there are not so many.

Can be noisy during the installation and operation

When you turn on a spa inflatable, the loudest sound you hear is the air. The air blower, integrated in the housing of the pump and the heater is used in conjunction with a special hose, suitable for filling all the spa.

Once you start, soon you'll see that the opening of the bubbles is also a little noisy.

Lack of seating

spa 1

If this is your first time purchasing a spa inflatable, you will be surprised to see that there are no seats.

In fact, they are designed with a cushioned surface for the user to sit in the background, although you can buy seats, headrest and carries drinks separately.

For small children or adults, the water level may be too high so that they can sit comfortably.

Some hot tubs inflatables have beams to strengthen the structure, so that you and your guests can sit on the edge of the spa without causing damage or leaks.

Short life of the cartridge

 To maintain the cartridges in a good state, just remove them and rinse thoroughly with a hose every day.

However, unlike filters spa normal, lasting for several years, filters, spa inflatable should be replaced every two weeks, depending on frequency of use.

Another drawback of some models of hot tubs inflatable is the location of the filter.

In many models the filter is located on the drive pump/heater for quick access, but in some models the filter is located at the bottom of the spa, which makes the replacement is much more complicated than simply opening the drive of the pump and insert a new filter.

You don't have any doubt that the acquisition of a spa inflatable is a wise decision.

Happy bathroom!

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