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How to heat an inflatable spa faster?

Heat a spa inflatable up to 40th approximately it can take up to 48 hoursdepending on the outside temperature and the quality of the insulation. Is there any way to reach the temperature at a faster rate?

Well, it takes a lot of energy to heat such a large amount of water and there is a limit on the amount of electrical energy that can be used. We will have to find other ways to speed up the heating process.

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How can I speed up the heating?

Cover the spa inflatable

You can't isolate the walls of a jacuzzi inflatable (air acts as an insulator), but it can be used in an insulating jacket.

A typical choice for hot tubs inflatable is an indoor inflatable, which form an air bag isolated. If you're crafty, you can build your own cover of polystyrene to improve the isolation.

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An insulating jacket greatly reduces the loss of heat by radiation and evaporation.

Of course, the greater the difference in temperature between the water and the air outside, the more important will be this.

When you install a spa inflatable, used insulation under it. The wooden covers are much better insulated than the concrete, even an old rug you will reduce the heat loss through the bottom of the spa inflatable.

Fill it with hot water

This can largely reduce the heating time, or even delete it completelyhowever, be sure not to exceed the maximum temperature of the jacuzzi tub (about 40-41ºc), as this may damage the jacuzzi tub. If you pour boiling water on the vinyl can melt.

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Never fill a jacuzzi tub with boiling water, unless they have sufficient cold water to dissipate heat. In this case, be sure not to pour hot water near the walls of a jacuzzi inflatable.

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