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Inflatable pools in Covid times

Many families have changed the public swimming pool, for the pool, inflatable during this summer of coronavirus.

Even if they open some public swimming pools, swimmers may be wary of the coronavirus in places where it is difficult to maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 metres. On the contrary, within and around the pool of your married will not have the need to keep distance with your family.

While it's a wonderful luxury to enjoy a swimming pool in the yard in the summer at the time of the Coronavirus, there is a certain responsibility that the maintenance of a pool.

swimming pool inflatable children

On the one hand, it is important to ensure the right chemical of swimming pool water, in particular with regard to the chlorine and pH, which are linked together chemically.


These two factors are so fundamental that the centers for control and disease prevention recommend that losde groups of chlorine and the pH was analyzed, ideally twice a day.

Maintain the chlorine level and the pH within the acceptable 1 ensures that pathogens, including the coronavirus, not be able to survive to be transmitted by water and is sick.

Salt water swimming pools

Many people are confused about the salt water swimming pools; A salt-water pool is in fact a chlorinated swimming pool. Table salt ordinary is, for example, sodium chloride.

The chlorine is released for disinfection in a pool of salt water using electricity to break down the chemical compounds between sodium and chlorine.

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Whether you buy your chlorinated sanitizer for swimming pool or add chlorine to a swimming pool salt by sodium chloride suitable for swimming pools, exactly the same chemistry of chlorine is acting to swim to safety.

Do not urinate never in the pool!

“Don't swim in your toilet, so don't orinemos to our pool,” is a common message that can be seen on signs or posters around public pools.

Some swimmers may consider that the urination in the pool can be a comfort harmless and can be justified, since the chlorine is in the water to destroy a pathogen is transferred by water.

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Let's clear things substances in the urine of John chemically combine with the chlorine in the pool water to form a compound irritant, which may alleviate the eyes of swimmers known as tricloramina.

Thanks to John, a part of the chlorine, which otherwise will be made available to destroy viruses and bacteria, is now linked chemically and is not available for disinfection.

The hygiene of the float is also important. Not only we must not urinate in the pool, but that we should take a shower before entering the water to prevent body oils complement the available chlorine.

dog in the swimming pool

Shower before swimming also helps to reduce the added bacteria in the water (more work for the chlorine). When children play in the garden, or when adults are sweaty from working in the garden, you must consider at least a rinse under the garden hose before boarding the pool.

Unfortunately, our recent survey found that 30% of the adult admitted to urinate in their own pool, 28% declared that bodysuit within the first hour, and 54% did not give a shower before swimming.

Keeping your inflatable pool

The inflatable pools are in full swing by the coronavirus during this past summer. The smaller of these inflatable pools known as a children's pool, children do not have systems of treatment and are with fresh water every day.

The inflatable greater volume can be supplied with a filter pump to circulate and filter the water of particles and waste (sewage treatment plant).

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the treatment of the pool. Test strips for swimming pools are a practical option to control the chlorine level and the pH of your swimming pool.

Remember that the chemistry of the good pool and hygiene are the key for a swim in a swimming pool healthy!

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