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Bestway Maldives Inflatable Spa

The Spa Inflatable Bestway Maldives is one of the best models of the brand.

This spa rectangular is a little more expensive than others, but there is a good reason, it is a spa inflatable water column.

Bestway Maldives Inflatable Spa

Spa inflatable Bestway Maldives

Take home the tropical relaxation in the Spa inflatable HydroJet Pro Maldives Spa Lay-Z-spa. Offers the ultimate in relaxation thanks to the magic system HydroJet Pro.

With a combination of 8 water jets directional and adjustable 140 air jets surrounding work in synergy to provide a massage like no other. The digital display intelligent pump HydroJet Pro™ allows you to fully control the temperature, heating up to a luxurious 40°C.

You can even adjust it to preheat before your next spa treatment! The water is kept in a perfect state with the water treatment system ClearSoft™ Lay-Z-Spa. With its broad square design, your bank bouncy integrated and a total capacity of water of 1050 litres, this jacuzzi is ideal for receiving guests.

The LED lighting system adds an extra fun. The content includes: swimming pool cover, pump spa, float chemical, pressure gauge, cartridge, protector air mattress, two LED lights hydrodynamic, repair kit, system HydroJet Pro™. Height: 80 cm. Width: 201 cm.

spa inflatable bestway maldives


All other spas inflatables have jets, and the jets are great in their own way (which a lot of people like), but the water jets have their own advantages.

Los chorros de agua son habituales en las bañeras de pie o acrílicas (que cuestan miles de euros), pero son poco frecuentes en las bañeras de burbujas. Proporcionan la máxima sensación de masaje empujando el agua a gran velocidad a través de chorros ajustables.

Not everyone likes the water guns, and some are considered “exaggerated” and can cause damage. The same thing happens with the massage, some people like a gentle massage, and others say that it must hurt.

Another advantage is that the operation of the pump is much quieter. Another argument in favor of this spa inflatable, is that the jets of water also cools the water as much as the jets of air.

The Spa Inflatable Bestway Maldives has 8 jets of water adjustable, as well as the 140 air jets, but that's not all, it also has a system of softening of water.

Disclaimer: This spa inflatable should not be used at temperatures above 40 degrees.


1050 Liters


Up to 7 people


151 cm


201 cm


80 cm


140, air and 8 of water




  • Square design unique
  • Treatment of hard water
  • Cover included
  • Filter cartridges are easy to replace
  • Jets of water real
  • You can't run jets of air with the water simultaneously
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