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How to set up your jacuzzi inflatable

Before you read this guide to build your jacuzzi inflatable, keep in mind that this guide is general.

You have to read the book of instructions for how to install your jacuzzi for the first timebecause each product is different and has different procedures of configuration/installation.

installation 1

Decide where you want to place your spa inflatable

It is important to choose the suitable area to place the spa inflatable to get it right the first, believe me, is not fun to have to empty and move your jacuzzi tub inflatable after it has been placed, so think in advance.

Choose a floor large enough to accommodate your jacuzzi.

Leave a meter on each side of the wall and the other 3 meters to the pumping unit. You need to make sure that the soil is free of stones and debris that may tear or puncture the material. The floor should be level so that the weight of the water is evenly distributed.

Another thing to keep in mind is the proximity of the outlet. It takes a lot of energy to operate a jacuzzi inflatable. Do not use extension cord if it is not necessary, since the extension cables that do not have a sufficient power can cause voltage drops and damage the electrical components.

Prepare the area

Remove all loose particles, and any sharp objects that may damage or tighten even more the spa. If your spa is equipped with a floor mat, or if you have purchased your own, puts the carpet below.

installation 2

 Adjusts the pump

If you have purchased a Bestway or Intex Lazy Spa, the pump unit comes pre-assembledso you don't need to mount anything, however, if you buy a portable spa in the that it is necessary to mount the pump unit, you'll have to assemble it and plug it in to an outlet with 220 volts appropriate.


Connect the hose of inflation to the output of the pump and then connect the other end to the inflation valve of the jacuzzi.

installation 4

Turn on the pump. If your pump has a reset button, press it to reset it.

If your pump has a check function of voltage, do it to make sure that the pump is correctly connected to the power source needed.

Once the air hose is properly connected and the pump to operate correctly, you can press the button of bubbles to inflate your jacuzzi spa inflatable.


The duct that supplies air jets for the massage of bubbles is the same as that which inflates the deposit. To inflate the tank to the spa, simply redirect the air usually enters the air channel of the bubble massage into the inflation valve.

installation 6

When the spa inflatable is fully inflated, press the button again to stop the air flow. Remove the air hose from the jacuzzi, and make sure that the inflation valve is properly closed.

Inflate the cover

Deploys the air tank of the cover and fold it like in the lid to have access to its own inflation valve. Hose inflation must be connected to the pump.

Connect the hand-free to a deposit under and ínflalo in the same way that inflate the jacuzzi. Click on the bubbles to start the flow of air and press it again to stop it.

installation 8

Be careful not to inflate too much of the cap, this tends to be of a finer material, and therefore is more prone to burst.

When the lid is finished inflated, remove the hose from the cap and the pump. Once the lid is swollen, you don't need the hose, so that you can save it.

 Connects the pump to the spa, inflatable

The valve of the pump is connected directly to the valve of the spa, no tube in the middle. When the spa is inflated, the valve must be aligned.

Must connect three valves. The valve is larger and the air is used to inflate the spa and cover.

installation 7

Connect the air valve to the air valve corresponding to the spa. This is the valve through which the air moves the air nozzle to the bubble massage.

The other two valves are the input and output of water. The pump pulls water through the inlet valve, purifies, heats it and returns it to the jacuzzi through the outlet valve. Connects the three valves in a safe manner.

Install the filter

In the spa, make sure that the drain cover is securely fastened to prevent water from escaping. If the input and output valves of water have lids, quítalas.

Your spa inflatable has a filter that screws onto the inlet valve. Is the valve closer to the ground. Enter the filter in the filter housing and enróscalo in the inlet valve of the pump.

Fill with water

Before filling the spa with water, you must clean it, making sure to remove any type of dirt or debris that may contaminate the water.

installation 10

After rinsing, fill the spa with water from the garden hose, taking care of stop filling when the water is above the minimum height but not yet at the maximum height.

In case of overfill, you can always open the drain valve in the bottom of the spa and empty the water.

It heats the water

There are two buttons on the pumping unit, we press. A button activates the water filtration system and the other activates the water heater, you must activate both buttons.

installation 11

Use the arrows of temperature to adjust the desired water temperature. The water filtration system must be turned on before the pump will begin to heat the water.

While the pump heats the water, keep the lid closed, this will help to heat the water more quickly.

Adding chemicals

You must adjust the pH of the water so that it is in the ideal range. Refer to the instructions of the specific chemicals that will be used in these activities.

kit treatment without chlorine, spa

When the pH is correct, adding chlorine granules. Once the water has been treated with appropriate chemicals, the installation is complete.

At this point, you must close the lid and wait for your jacuzzi is hot.

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