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How to clean a jacuzzi inflatable in 6 steps

One of the good things of the hot tubs inflatable bouncers, is its simplicity, and that includes cleaning and maintenance. In this page we will show you how to clean a jacuzzi inflatable in 6 steps.

Each spa inflatable tends to have a dispenser for chlorine floats continuously on the surface of the water and dispenses chlorine tablets to disinfect the spa.

cleaning spa 1

Today, these systems of maintenance are built into the spas bouncy and modern work automatically, the only thing to do is to add chemicals when necessary, change the filter and remove waste, such as leaves, if they end up in the water.

Drain and refill the water also form part of keeping your spa clean and operating properly. Depending on the frequency of use and the number of persons, it may be necessary to change the water once a month or every several months.

How to clean a jacuzzi in 6 steps

Add chlorine or bromine

There is to disinfect the water, usually with chlorine or bromine, for the jacuzzi is not converted into a pond full of green algae. Many hot tubs or spa inflatable have a dispenser that adds chlorine is constantly on the water, so that this step is something automated.

 Check the pH

Test strips for spas inflatable use a test kit for the quality of the water in this step.

Most of the spas come with a test kit. You can also buy a package of 50 test strips for about 12 euros, if you look at the water once a week, the package should last about a year.

The manual for your spa you will indicate what should be the pH level of your water. Normally, the pH of the water of a spa inflatable air circulation is between 7.2 and 7.8, although by the manufacturer, Intel recommends for your Spa 7.2 and 7.4.

Reagent analysis kit for use in swimming pool

If the pH drops below 7.2, the water is too acidic and can damage the internal components of the pump. The pH levels above 7.8 can cause mineral deposits.

There are beans that you can add to your spa to increase or decrease the level of alkalinity.

 Clean the filters

Some hot tubs inflatable have a filter, others have two, revísalos regularly to remove the accumulated dirt.

It regularly checks the filters to make sure they are cleaned regularly. Some people do it once a week, others every two weeks.

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I spray mine with a hose, some people even put them in the dishwasher to wash the dishes, this is not if you are not recommended by the manufacturer, not what you should do.

In addition, remember that the cartridges have a certain shelf life and at some point there is that to replace it, again, consult the manual for your spa.

filter for spa

Other additives

Some spa packages include softeners, while others offer solutions of salt to eliminate the need for chemicals of chlorine.

kit treatment without chlorine, spa

This will not necessarily affect the cleanliness of the spa, but they are only few additional things to keep in mind.

 To clean the spa

When drains or empty your jacuzzi inflatable and re-fill of water, it is time to clean with water and mild soap.

People usually use a soft cloth for cleaning. Prevents the products and cleaning brushes strongas they may damage the surface.

Keep your spa clean

Although probably not necessary to say it, what will I do for the sake of everyone reading this, una forma sencilla de mantener limpia el jacuzzi inflable es ducharse antes de entrar en ella.

The regular cleaning will also help your spa works best in the long term, the more you use your spa, the more often you should clean it.

cleaning kit for spa

Algunos usuarios recomiendan vaciar y limpiar la bañera cada tres o cuatro semanas, aunque no es absolutamente necesario.

If you have any question, please contact with the customer service of the brand of your spa.

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Comments (4)


It has stained the plastic of the spa of blue.
As can be clean


Thanks for responding John the Baptist, with soap, water and plenty of water with a bristle brush is fine. You can also use a little bit of Cif cream, but with a small amount.
Un saludo.


Hi, mine is put to the walls and the floor babaso, just a day after filling, always see the water is very clear, but it has that problem

Roberto Peláez Pedraza

Hello Jonathan, the first thing you should do is check the pH with a meter. The optimal levels hover around the values of 7.2 and 7.4.
Normally, it occurs when the pH is high and with more time you can create algae and make the water cloudy.
Thanks for stopping.


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